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The New Interface for ON1 Photo Raw 2019 Is Amazing

One of the things I have always loved about ON1 Photo RAW is its ability to do everything I needed within a single program. From a photo browser to a raw editor and then even working with layers. But their recent interface update has made things better then I could have imagined.

Fstoppers Reviews the Advanced DVLOP Film Emulation Preset System

While there are plenty of companies that offer film emulation presets, not all of them are created equal. In order to get things perfect, DVLOP has teamed up with Jose Villa, one of the most popular film photographers in the industry.

How Shooting With a Mirrorless Camera Made Me a Better Photographer

Gear cannot make you a better photographer. This statement is said over and over and I actually really believe it. But despite believing this statement to be true, I also believe that switching to mirrorless has made me a better photographer.

It's Not About the Camera Gear, Except When It Is

I was recently involved in a conversation via Facebook that centered around new camera gear and becoming a better photographer. The saying generally goes: “It’s not about the camera gear at all.” While I generally agree with this way of thinking, it’s not always accurate.

Behind the Scenes of Photoshop Week at CreativeLive

Every year, CreativeLive hosts an event called Photoshop Week that feature classes from world-renowned experts. These free classes range from beginner level classes to expert level education. While most people only get to see these classes through a computer screen, I got the opportunity to see first hand what goes on behind the scenes.

The Photojournalist's Way With Paul Gero

B&H recently released a set of videos from their Depth of Field 2018 event. While all the videos are worth watching, I found “The Photojournalist's Way with Paul Gero” particularly interesting.

Five Ways to Improve Your Posing

When it comes to taking images of couples, one of the biggest struggles photographers deal with is posing. Since posing can make or break and good image, these five tips can take your posing to next level.

What Outsourcing to India Really Looks Like

If you are like me, you probably get numerous emails and Facebook messages from people in India wanting you to use their services for your image editing. While these individuals may give outsourcing to India a bad reputation, I’m here to show you what it’s really like at the reputable post-production service provider that is located in Mumbai, India: Pro Image Editors.

DVLOP Releases New Lightroom Feature: Leaks and Tweaks

In the latest version of Lightroom, Adobe has implemented a new profile browser inside the Develop module. The team over at DVLOP has already put this feature to work with some awesome new ways to edit your images.