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Archiving Photography Legends in the Best Book You'll Buy This Year

In perhaps one of the best photography books you'll own, Californian photographer Tim Mantoani has archived photographic legends with his book project, "Behind Photographs." Since 2006, Mantoani has been photographing notable artists holding some of their most iconic photographs. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this project is the mammoth format each portrait was shot on Mantaoni uses the enormous 20x24 Polaroid camera to capture these individuals. Taking on a project of this literal size was not a small feat. After a portrait session with notable San Francisco photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris, Mantoani quickly realized he was on to something historic and began to formulate a plan.

Surf Photographer Makes Friends With Tahitian Waterfowl

In another display of animals doing interesting things for the camera, one tropical bird makes a perch out of a surf photographer's head. Morgan Maassen was swimming and photographing the famous wave at Teahupo'o when he ran into this flighty local out in the water. The black noddy was flying around the lineup landing on surfers and boats until it found the safety of Maassen's head. "It was hilarious," Maassen said in an interview with HuffPost. "He had a firm grip, with tiny claws on his webbed feet that poked into my head."

Go Behind The Scenes Of The Sound Production For Interstellar

Undoubtedly, audio is one of the most important story telling tools in cinema. Improper use or overuse of sound can dramatically affect the impact of the viewing experience. After the recent release of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, there has been a lot of buzz about the 'mix being muddy'. Many theater goers are reporting sound issues; that the booming sound effects are too loud.

Humanitarian Conflict Beautifully Captured On Kodak Aerochrome Film

Accomplished photographer Richard Mosse has taken an incredibly unique approach to capture both the beauty and tragedy associated with conflict. In his most recent series, Infra, Mosse uses an antiquated film to bring new light to the humanitarian struggle faced by the Congolese people. Currently on display at the Portland Museum of Art as The Enclave, Mosse's newest exhibit features a six screen video instillation in addition to his dramatic Kodak Aerochrome imagery. Capturing the suffering of war between The Congolese National Army and rebel factions in poignant beauty, this exhibit of infrared film leaves an eerie perspective of the overwhelming harshness of war.

Why Polaroids Are Still The Gold Standard For Model Agencies

Our generation has witnessed the death and rebirth of Polaroid Instant Film; yet it is interesting to note that most model agencies have always preferred the format as a staple facet in portfolios. From the model's perspective the idea of a harshly lit and un-editable image is less than ideal. However; standing in the shoes of the photographer or creative director, it is always best to have an idea what you'll really be working with.

Photographer Travels The World By Trading His Photo Services

Without spending a dime, Australian photographer Shantanu Starick has successfully completed 187 trades, traversed five continents and remained on-the-go for the last 29 months. Inspired by the "sharing economy" Starick has made a full fledged living out of travel and photography with a project he calls The Pixel Trade. Starick has photographed hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, weddings and more in exchange for the basic essentials, transportation and anything else that he needs to survive.

What It's Like Being a Pretentious Cinematographer

Our lives as photographers and videographers can be tough, but let's be honest - it's fun to be creative! We get to work with amazing gear and produce compelling visual content for the world to enjoy. However hard we work in our creative fields, I feel it's best to never really take ourselves too seriously. If we do, let's hope that one of our peers will put together a parody response like the one Adam Khamis created above to help check our egos and bring us back down to Earth.

Chilling Hot Air Balloon Jump Filmed on a GoPro

Here's another adventure video from Devin Super Tramp involving people doing things that will make your hands sweat! How about swinging from the sky with a GoPro? Making use of the Hero 4 and its 4K resolution, these daredevils risk it all over the desert as they swing between two hot air balloons.

Photographer Gives Identity to Syrian Children Through Street Portraits

Rania Matar is a Lebanese photographer who has attempted to use her portraits to give an identity to Syrian refugees making a home in the streets of Beruit. An estimated three million Syrians have taken refuge to neighboring countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq since 2011. Separated from family and escaping civil war, the youngest of the refugees must grow up fast to survive. Selling items on the street or shining shoes for small amounts of money, these young teenagers are forced to develop street savvy to get by.