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Fstoppers Analog Reviews: Canon AE-1 Program

Creating beautiful and compelling imagery through the medium of photography is a difficult challenge. Capturing a scene as it unfolds is both art and truth in storytelling. Today, digital photography presents the effortless platform for image capture. Excelling technology allows anyone to pick up a camera and take excellent photographs. One might say the ease of digital imagery has opened doors across platforms. We’ve seen this paradigm before; we witnessed the introduction of gateway tools in the world of photography since the dawn of the medium, each time bringing in new and excited enthusiasts who will go on to redefine what it is to be a photographer. In 1981, well before the surge of digital technology, there was a camera that similarly ushered in a generation of photographers: the Canon AE-1 Program.

Fstoppers Analog Review: Nikonos V

Fstoppers Analog Review is a quick throw down on some of photography’s greatest equipment. In a world where we are constantly defined by the rapid progression of technology, these posts are intended to remind us about our love for the fundamentality of capturing life in silver and light. Each week we’ll review another piece of pivotal photography equipment, discuss the history, review its capabilities, and share our results! This review will go to the fabulous Nikonos V, a waterproof 35mm camera with a history as deep as diving itself. This handy sidekick will blow you away with its capability!

Five Tips to Make You a Better Freelance Photographer

Whether you’re a veteran freelancer or just starting out, it is important to continuously asses and audit your process. A decade and a half of experience getting washed around as a freelance photographer has taught me many difficult lessons about art, life, and growing a business doing what I love. Being successful is measured in more detail than just being Insta-famous, being a YouTube sensation, or selling single pieces for large sums of money. Even the most notable artists have had to grapple with the more organizational and administrative elements of their work and coming to terms with the reality of their goals. In most cases, it is these details that make the difference between failure and success. Hopefully these five tips can help you as you grow your personal business with larger than life ambitions.

Five Easy Tips for Breaking a Creative Block

When you rely on creativity for work, a battle with the absence of these abilities can be detrimental, especially when you’re freelance. No matter what type of creative work you do, there will come a time when you feel like your powers have dried up and you are no longer capable. It will seem like the ability to do anything is gone forever, everything you make is crap, and no good ideas seem to be coming to you. To understand this problem as universal and cyclical is a step towards understanding what it is that drives your creative abilities. There are ways to elevate past these woes and continue creating your best work. Here are five easy practices that can help you in your woes next time you are met with a creative block.

Create Sharp Commercial Videos With Household Items

Creating high-quality work doesn’t have be expensive. Outside of talent, the ability to execute creative ideas cheaply can be the single best quality in a photographer or videographer. While there is some very excellent equipment out there that can make your job super easy, it is very important to consider the items we have around us, reusing resources and thinking divergently. A huge value to any company or agency is the ability to save money whenever possible.

The Best Piece of Equipment To Improve Your Star Photography

Improving night photography is an ever closing gap riddled with tech-tips, tricks, and expensive gear. The Star Adventurer by Sky Watcher-USA seeks to be the reasonably, all-in-one option to improve your starscape photography. The built-in tracking head and accompanying accessories are the perfect companion to viewing and photographing the night’s sky.

My Response To Free Work

The question of whether or not to do free work is always pressing. The debate becomes a grey area of ambiguity with many people firmly on one side or the other, and the rest of us stuck somewhere in between questioning our self worth as artists. There are strong arguments on both sides of the arena. Over the course of my career I have wandered back and forth across the defining line only to lately land in the anti-free work position, and here is why.

'Know This' - An Artist's Tribute to Travel

The ultimate movement; adventure, experience, and escape rolled into one single word. Travel. The word itself, a title to encompass all of life's passion and emotion in transit. Life is frustrating, funny, and challenging; an endless series of events in random order, asking us to interpret meaning and understanding. Travel allows us to put the randomness into perspective, the daily events elaborated as just blessings from the road that eventually tally up to what amounts to be a life fully lived. Travel Photographer Christian Sorensen Hansen does an amazing job capturing highlights from six years on the road, with the camera he always has with him: his phone. His short movie, "Know This," will stir the fire of escape from deep inside and have you planning your next trip in no time.

Creatives Make a Stand Against Depression

It is not a coincidence that so many creative types suffer from depression. It seems elemental to the process of creativity that one must suffer internally to give life to art completely unique and beautiful. According to a 2008 CDC study, it's estimated that one in ten people suffer from some form of depression; however, the connection is thought to be stronger in those of us that create for a living. Evidence suggests that creative types are more susceptible to the life-flattening effects of depression. One photographer wants you to know you are not alone in your struggles.

The Editor, Unsung Hero of Great Storytelling

The editor: a job that if done well goes unnoticed. To be a good editor, one must feel the rhythm of a scene, be able to convey seamless emotion, and convince you, the viewer, of the truth unfolding on the screen. In this super-cut by Every Frame a Painting, the job of the editor is broken down by example. The greatest scenes in cinema would be lifeless without the masterful and instinctual slicing and splicing made by the editor.

The Healing Power of Photography for Earthquake Victims

On the tails of tragedy, one Denver nonprofit has focused on using photography as a valuable tool for healing. Almost a year to the day, terrible earthquakes struck Nepal. Eighteen individuals were given cameras as a way to cope with the dramatic change in their lives. The images that were produced are beautiful and poignant reminders of the resiliency of life. It is the core of photography, intended as a cathartic expression of loving memories and an emotional foundation for future reflection.

The Camera That Launched A Surf Photography Movement

Before the digital accessibility of today's water resistant action cameras, there was the 35mm format wonder, The Nikonos Calypso. Many are familiar with this analog, water photography staple. Generations of photographers grew up cutting their teeth for surf photography wielding these water tight beauties. The cult following of the fantastically simple camera has produced catalogs of breathtaking imagery, iconic of an era. The Nikonos Project has been a driving force in maintaining the modern revival. The young project encourages incredibly talented surf photographers to hang up the digital gear in favor of a less forgiving, more rewarding form of capture.

What You Don't Know About This Photograph Has the Power To Change Opinions

This gruesome photograph became pivotal anti-war propaganda that drastically shaped public opinion. The horrific frozen frame depicts a baptismal moment of unwavering distinction, a moment in a time that could not be undone, an elevated wartime tension that could not be unraveled. In this sense, the photograph was successful. It was shocking and characteristic in its ability to drive the anti war movement, protesting against brutality of the Vietnam conflict. But, what you can't see, is enough to change your perspective completely.

Six Tips to Improve Your Surf Photography

Photography, at face value, is already a difficult combination of capturing a scene as it unfolds and manipulating a tedious balance of exposure, aperture, and ISO to illuminate an image that does true life justice. When you add any additional element to the equation, the entire process can be thrown off. I often find this challenge in photography to be resting on the surface of the ocean in surf photography. Here are six tips I’ve learned that can help your surf photography.

VSCO Launches Limited Edition World Wildlife Fund Preset

To photograph nature is pure, to give back in the process is supreme. VSCO has given the opportunity to give back with the launch of the Limited Edition WWF Preset. Partnering up with Apple and WWF, VSCO has made it a mission to promote sustainability and conserve nature. The preset can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Aimed at enhancing the lights and colors of natural settings, VSCO's latest creation is targeted at elevating landscape and wildlife photography. The presets will be available for purchase from now until April 24, and 100% of the proceeds will go to the World Wildlife Fund.

Photographer Almost Hit By Plane Trying To Get The Shot

The Gustaf III airport in St. Barts is considered the third most dangerous airport in the world. Airliners of many sizes come roaring in for a landing only a few feet over a traffic circle that stands on a hill. The departure isn't much better as planes cast shadows over sunbathers by merely a few feet as well. On this particular landing, a private plane comes a little too close for comfort to an enthusiastic photographer.

Five Tips to Help Your Outdoor Adventure Photography Experience

Adventure, outdoor, and eco-sports photography has had a surge in popularity over the last decade. Rapidly growing social media outlets like Instagram have narrowed a spotlight across specific arenas of interest. Many photographers are making a living on the outskirts of the grid creating mesmerizing imagery of U.S. National Parks, remote foreign territory, and backcountry destinations only accessible by highly technical off-road transportation or arduous hiking. With the flux of imagery and surge of outdoor brands promoting a simpler lifestyle more closely connected to nature, more photographers are taking to the outdoors to create imagery that communicates a love for nature.

Filmmaker Creates Art in Motion With Black Powder

Nicolas Vuignier has an amazing flare for the creative when it comes to documenting skiing. Working with Jules Guarneri in Crans-Montana over a year ago, the duo painted professional skiers with black ochre to create a strikingly unique contrast of seemingly silhouetted figures against stark white snow. The video is called “Nowness” and provides definitively artistic visuals and creative opacity blending to hit the mark of modern perspective.

Is This Photo Fair Marketing Or A Cheap Trick?

In a quaint suburban neighborhood south of Sydney, Australia stands a three bedroom brick home that looks like any other at first glance. It is sharp and modern. The image is bright and vibrant and definitely eye catching. At a quick first look, it is a pretty standard image of the facade of a home. The detail that isn't featured in this image is what has the entire real estate industry buzzing. A simple Google search of the home brings up a much different representation of the property. Which begs the immediate question; how far is 'too far' when using photo editing software to edit real estate imagery?

Create Lens Flares Easily With Principle Lights Hits Pack By Lens Distortions

Abandon fake Photoshop lens flares and enhance your photographs with lens flares captured in an actual camera. Vibrantly colored and rich in detail, these flares are created using Nikon, Leica, Fuji, and Pentax cameras. Fairly simple to use, the Principle Light Hits Pack by Lens Distortions is definitely becoming one of my new favorite toys for creative post editing.