Photographer Almost Hit By Plane Trying To Get The Shot

The Gustaf III airport in St. Barts is considered the third most dangerous airport in the world. Airliners of many sizes come roaring in for a landing only a few feet over a traffic circle that stands on a hill. The departure isn't much better as planes cast shadows over sunbathers by merely a few feet as well. On this particular landing, a private plane comes a little too close for comfort to an enthusiastic photographer. This video was shot by St Martin local Politano Caters. Caters was testing his new 360 camera as the traffic circle located on the hill by the plane's approach. The photographer was nearly struck by the landing plane, and he claimed the tire had grazed his hand. Shouting "It hit my hand!" this photographer was lucky to have experienced only a near miss. An approach of only a few inches to the right could have removed the man's head. "I don't think he knows how lucky he was that the plane didn't hit him harder," say Caters. 

It is pretty certain that this man was very lucky this day. I just have one questions; did he get the shot?


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Fritz Asuro's picture

This is one thing that every photographer should prioritize - YOUR OWN SAFETY. I know golden shots are precious to us photographers, but are those photos you want to take are worth dying for? Or better that you skip for now and plan that amazing photo.

I just discourage this act of "stupidity" as it affects the photography community. How many times that such people make the law tighter and strict to other photographers? Though technically, it wasn't really the guy's fault in the video above - still you have to consider all the possibilities of accident and misfortune.

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The photographer probably didn't think the plane would be that low, and actually it shouldn't have been, because it was 3 or 4 feet away from never making it over the road. Seems like he had too steep and angle of descent. What they really need to do is rebuild the road area to have some clearance and have the area blocked off. Probably don't want to spend the monies needed to do so.

Spy Black's picture

Do you or have you flown a plane? I have. You know when you're coming in steep. Winds can blow you left or right, but they won't blow down. He needed a bit more throttle. Do you think an airline jet would be that close to the ridge?

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I'm curious to see that shot... if it's worth risking his life.

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This looks like a setup i dont see the camera pan this looks like two camera setup in anticipation

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Its a 360 camera.

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Nevermind the photographer, that Cessna, and any other aircraft landing, is WAY too low to a public road. Imagine a truck had been passing through? No way would this kind of safety fly in the US. I'm surprised they don't have more near-misses!

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What makes my gears gringe is the people defending that stupid piece of jackass, shooting under a dangerous area. I bet the damn picture looks like crap.