Canon Just Launched an Awesome New Range of Beverage Holders

Canon Just Launched an Awesome New Range of Beverage Holders

Canon Japan has just launched a selection of mugs and tumblers for hardcore fans who need to be reminded (or mocked) for their choice of camera each time they consume a beverage.

Perhaps most eye-catching is the RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, which will be available for around $26 (2,728 yen, including tax).

At 3.74 inches (9.5 cm) in height and with a 3.14-inch (8 cm) diameter, the mug can accommodate up to 10 fluid ounces (296 ml) of liquid, though we would recommend aiming for 8-9 fluid ounces to make transportation easier and avoid unnecessary spillage.

The ceramic build can support liquids of up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit, which should be more than sufficient given that water typically boils at around 212 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on air pressure. Canon notes that it may crack if dropped or given a strong impact, which does not inspire confidence in its performance when placed under demanding conditions.

Given that Canon stated that it would not be making any new EF lenses, it’s interesting to see that accompanying the RF 24-105mm mug is the EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM tumbler complete with rubber focusing ring. (Please note that the ring doesn’t actually focus anything. It’s just a cup, not a real lens.) At around $37 (3,828 yen, including tax), this is a much more expensive option, which is perhaps hard to justify given that it has exactly the same capacity as the RF 24-105mm.

The EF 70-200mm is 5.2 inches (13.2 cm) in height and has a diameter of 3.11 inches (7.9 cm). Notably, it ships with a lens cap (a.k.a. a lid), which Canon explains is “used to prevent the contents from spilling.” Users should note that the lid is not microwaveable and does not offer a complete seal. 

Each vessel comes in a rather nice box. Two gift sets are available which also include coasters:

Finally, a mini-cup set of the EF f/2.8 trinity is available for a very affordable $53 (5,478 yen, including tax). Each ceramic cup holds just shy of 2 fluid ounces (59 ml) of liquid and comes with a focusing ring (again, they don't actually focus anything).

Will you be placing an order?

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I have the EF 24-105 coffee mug. It's very nice with a stainless steel liner, and the outside really does look like the lens. I use it at work and co-workers find it humorous. Worth it, and I'd consider one of these in the future.

I love it. However, I placed my order back on 17 NOV 2017. Then on 13 DEC 2017, I received an email stating they were out of stock and would resume sales as soon as they received more product. Hoping I can get my hands on them this year.

I don't get why Canon doesn't make more of these (apparently many of these are now sold out) and sell them internationally. The Google-translated site is not sufficiently robust for me to be confident placing an order knowing I have inputted the information correctly and covered actual shipping costs to the United States.

That said, I have one of the 70-200mm f/4 Canon lens mugs Canon gave out to the media during the Vancouver Olympics and I love it. Since it really came from Canon, it's not a "Caniam" mug you get from third-party suppliers.

I once saw the Chinese knock off version, but the quality is not so good. I will order once the have it in Amazon

The links are in Japanese!!! How do you change that?? Ack!

"Will you be placing an order?"

I would if I could figure out how to!

I. just reached out to my niece who works in Japan. Will report back on status.

"Will you be placing an order?" No. Canon only sells these in Japan, and in very limited quantity. Which the article should probably mention.