Drug Dealers Arrested After Crashing Their Drone in Prison With Footage of Themselves on Memory Card

Drug Dealers Arrested After Crashing Their Drone in Prison With Footage of Themselves on Memory Card

It was supposed to be a smooth operation: fly a drone over a prison to deliver drugs. Unfortunately, the brilliant minds behind this master plan crashed and left footage of themselves on the memory card.

Paul Reilly are Michael Martin are kind souls: all they wanted was to deliver $4,000 worth of drugs to Martin’s brother, who is incarcerated in the Perth Prison (Scotland, United Kingdom). Despite all the careful planning and flawless execution of this plan, they got busted. It all started when the prison officers found a crashed DJI Phantom drone lying inside the prison yard. The guards checked the memory card and found 18 minutes of footage showing the criminals packing the drug inside a Kinder Surprise egg. It also revealed the door number of the house they were operating from and a car parked outside that belonged to them.

“If there was an award for the movie with the most inept director, then it would have been won by the accused,” said deputy Michael Sweeney. But despite this little creative mishap, the aerial drug delivery experts did their best to cover their tracks. The officer told the jury that one of the man seen packing a Kinder egg was wearing socks over his hands as he sealed the package. He explained: “obviously, they don’t want their fingerprints or DNA to be left on the objects they’re handling.”

According to the investigation, this elite crew wasn't deterred by the crash, as they finally managed to successfully deliver another drug-loaded Kinder Surprise egg in the prison tree the day after the initial attempt. Mr. Sweeney said: “the message seems to be that if at first you don’t succeed, then fly, fly again.” Never give up; perseverance pays. In this case, Michael Martin was found guilty of supplying the drug, but was cleared of breaching civil aviation regulations.

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