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Incredible Imagery of a Climber Scaling Frozen Niagara Falls

The world's eyes have been on climbing lately. With the recent incredible 19 day climb of the Dawn Wall in Yosemite Valley and now this, the Red Bull sponsored venture of scaling the frozen heights of Niagara Falls, climbing is producing some increasingly spectacular imagery. Canadian climber William Gadd became the first to ascend these icy walls - a dangerous stunt leaving us with incredible video and photos!

Learn To Film B-Roll Like A True Artist

Barry Rollins is a backcountry buffalo herder, a champion Matador, a novice rocket scientist, and most of all an excellent B-roll cinematographer. Recently Music Bed had the great privilege and opportunity to follow on the heels of superiority, documenting one of the true greats exercising his craft. Over beaches and bridges of the Pacific Northwest, Rollins shows us what it really means to be a B-roll artist.

Film Yourself From a Drone on Autopilot Using Just Your Smartphone

Offering next-level follow filming, the Ghost Drone can automatically follow you and be controlled via smartphone. Recently, professional kiteboarders Jullien Fillion and Jason Slezak put the device to the test by having it follow them on foilboards over the clear blue waters of Maui.

Control Your DSLR Wirelessly Through a Smartphone - Fstoppers Reviews the CASE Remote

The CASE remote is a wireless device that creates a mobile hotspot attached to your camera, providing you with live-view connectivity on your mobile device. One can easily control shutter triggering, HDR, focus stacking, time-lapse, and photo transfers from your iPhone, Android, or tablet. Fstoppers had the opportunity to give this device a spin and here's what we thought.

B&H Explora's 14 Favorite Photographers of 2014 and Their Resolutions for the New Year

Recently featured on B&H's Explora blog, the well-established photo and video sales giant compiled a list of some of their favorite photographers and had them discuss what 2014 meant to them and what they plan on doing to make 2015 even better. There are a lot of very talented people on the "Inspiration For The New Year" list, which also includes a few of the writers at Fstoppers. Seeing what each of these photographers are most thankful for in their career and reading what they feel they need to work on is a great chance to put into perspective our individual daily struggle.

Rare Imagery of Flipped Icebergs in Antarctica

While on an expedition in Antarctica, photographer Alex Cornell had the rare opportunity to photograph a recently flipped iceberg. Defining to the old adage "just the tip of the iceberg," it turns out the underside can be illuminated with unbelievable bright blues and striation that reveal visually stunning secrets of these sleeping giants. Witnessing a flip is uncommon, and moreover the surreal texture and colors distort the scale making it a truly incredible encounter.

Beautifully Captured Timelapse of Miniature Norway

Watch tiny people hustling around the larger than life landscape of Norway and Iceland in this delightful timelapse by DAMP Design's Martijn Doolaard. The quick speed and tilt-shift focus along with unique sound engineering create an alternative world set in the dramatic landscape of Norwegian fjords and hot springs. Recently chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick, Doolaard's "The Little Nordics" is a must watch video short.

Photographing the Daily Truck Bed Commute of Mexican Carpoolers

From the perspective of highway overpasses, photographer Alejandro Cartagena has documented the daily commute of Mexican workers in his photo series, "Carpoolers." Setting out during morning rush hour, Cartagena photographs the weary travelers laying in truck beds amongst the tools of their trade. The result of this overhead perspective photo series is a delightfully simple and revealing glimpse into the daily life of these hard-working travelers.

Go Behind the Evolution of Canon EF Lens Technology

Arguably the best on the market, Canon EF (Electronic Focusing) lenses have evolved to a level of near perfection. Optimal and exact construction of synthetic fluorite combined with scientific precision has made EF lenses a near flawless option. Take a look into the construction of these ingenious products through the eyes of Canon's dedicated team of technicians.

Photo Raw Magazine Recieves a Platform Facelift, Renamed to Raw View

Formerly Photo Raw, Raw View Magazine has taken a new approach to the construct of a photography magazine. Raw View is made up of a completely voluntary staff of talented writers, photographers, and documentarians. With a specialized focus in documentary photography, Raw View has made it a mission exhibit imagery from the highest caliber of photographer with a focus on print quality. The self-proclaimed mission of Raw View is not just a crescendo of visual journalism, but it is to tackle complex and difficult subjects within the world of photography. The ultimate goal is to inspire, stimulate, and entertain.

Film Yourself Easier Than Ever with the New SOLOSHOT2

When it comes to making video edits and sports demos of yourself, finding a friend to film can be the biggest challenge of all. With this second generation advancement of the SOLOSHOT you can film yourself in endless scenarios, photograph panning DSLR timelapse, and forego the need for a buddy on the beach.

Some Basic Tips To Improve Your Running Photography

In the beautiful meadows of the Sierra Mountains, Corey Rich takes you behind the scenes for some key tips to improve your sports photography. Documenting sports comes with a certain amount of challenges, especially while shooting in an uncontrollable environment. From working with major clients such as Nikon, The North Face, and Patagonia, Rich has plenty of experience and insights to share when it comes to demanding adventure and sports photography.

'Tis The Season For Properly Photographing Christmas Lights

It's always nice to nail that exposure for a beautiful portrait using a balance of different lights. Check out this short video by The Slanted Lens about the basics of shooting photos with Christmas lights. With the combination of proper exposure, time of day, a dramatic sky and some other pretty simple techniques, you can take some great holiday photos this season.

One Bite-Sized Intervalometer to Rule Them All

Coming in at eleven grams and roughly the size of a silver dollar, this programmable device will regulate your timelapse intervals and more in simple fashion. The Pico timelapse controller is an affordable intervalometer created with the mission to make timelapse photography easy for everyone. The Pico combined with a free mobile app can regulate photo intervals, manage HDR brackets, speed ramp through intervals, and adjust to natural changes in light.

The Renegade Pilots of Instagram: Simply Beautiful or Just Dangerous?

Sitting front row for some of the best aerial views in the world, airline pilots (both private and commercial) have taken their selfies and photos to Instagram with some astonishing smartphone imagery from all over the world. It is undeniable that these images are unique by their own right, as pilots have access to views over the average passenger. However, the question stands, are these insta-snaps harmless or are they a despicable jeopardy of safety for passengers and crew?

Another Useful Lightroom Feature You Probably Did Not Know Existed

I feel like I'm constantly hearing about new shortcuts in Lightroom that make my workflow increasingly painless. This is one that's been around for a while, but you have probably never used it. This short video is an easy to follow tutorial from photographer Matt Kosklowski about an exposure feature that will surely speed up your editing process.

Notable LIFE Magazine Photographer, Ralph Morse, Dies at 97

Ralph Morse was perhaps one of the greatest American photojournalists that has ever picked up a camera. Covering some of history's greatest events, there is no arguing that Morse had an eclectic and varied career in photography. Some of the most iconic images in American History were created by Ralph Morse, and splashed in vibrant fashion on the covers and pages of magazines.

Photographer Documents the Female Form In Beautifully Arranged Nude Self Portraits (NSFW)

Photographer Polly Penrose documents the beauty of the female form through carefully planned self portraits. Seven years ago while visiting her step father's factory she discovered beauty amongst the cold metal of industrial machines and decided to photograph herself with them. Illustrating the juxtaposition of the bare and fair skinned female body against an unlikely environment, Penrose's series "A Body of Work" captures the relationship between subject and space.

Photographer Brings Back the '80s Glamour Shot and They're Totally Rad

Robbie Augspurger is a professional photographer from Portland, Oregon with a grand affinity for the generation of "Back to the Future," big hair, and stone washed jeans. He's started an ongoing '80s glamour shot series that began when a friend asked him to take his actor headshots. To prepare for the shoot, Augspurger bought a 30 year old Photogenic FlashMaster light kit and asked his roommate to pose for some shots in a three-piece tweed suit. With inspiration from photographs found in an old shoe box, or on the dashboard of his dad's pick-up truck, he had a concept in motion: creating vintage thread clad characters for the portrait series "Glamour & Headshots".

Archiving Photography Legends in the Best Book You'll Buy This Year

In perhaps one of the best photography books you'll own, Californian photographer Tim Mantoani has archived photographic legends with his book project, "Behind Photographs." Since 2006, Mantoani has been photographing notable artists holding some of their most iconic photographs. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this project is the mammoth format each portrait was shot on Mantaoni uses the enormous 20x24 Polaroid camera to capture these individuals. Taking on a project of this literal size was not a small feat. After a portrait session with notable San Francisco photographers Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris, Mantoani quickly realized he was on to something historic and began to formulate a plan.