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One Bite-Sized Intervalometer to Rule Them All

Coming in at eleven grams and roughly the size of a silver dollar, this programmable device will regulate your timelapse intervals and more in simple fashion. The Pico timelapse controller is an affordable intervalometer created with the mission to make timelapse photography easy for everyone. The Pico combined with a free mobile app can regulate photo intervals, manage HDR brackets, speed ramp through intervals, and adjust to natural changes in light.

Though it is designed to function with the assistance of its free smartphone app counterpart, it is capable of manual adjustment by simply squeezing the unit for the desired interval. Pico stands alone in its ability to manage a multitude of settings combined with its tiny size. Today, many professional DSLRs come with built-in intervalometers and there are plenty of high-tech options on the market, however this option should be a solid supplement to your existing gear.


Here are some of the modes the Pico offers when combined with the mobile app.

Interval: Take images a desired intervals.

HDR: Take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels.

Bulb Ramping: A technique used to compensate for natural changes in light. It is ideal for seamless day to night sequences.

Speed Ramping: Adjust the speed of time within the timelapse to add a slowing or accelerating effect.


Currently at 80 percent of their Kickstarter goal, the Pico plans to have units ready to ship by June 2015.

[via Kickstarter]

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Nathan Mills's picture

are there any apps for cameras with wifi that don't need this dongle? eg Canon 6D paired with an android device

Jason Hudson's picture

"dongle" haha. I'm pretty sure there are. I'll try to find some details for you.

Willis Lim's picture

On Android I use DSLR Controller ( for the 6D and on iPhone I use the Canon EOS app. The Canon app hasn't been updated since iOS 6 but it still works fine for remote shooting and transferring photos.

Andrew Yianne's picture

I'll definitely be buying this if it's released.