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How to Use Lightroom to Check if Your Photo Has a Subject

It’s important to have a subject in your photo. Without a subject, a photo may be less interesting to look at. Sometimes, the subject is easy to spot, but at other times, it might be more difficult. You can get some help from Lightroom to check if your photo has a subject.

Should You Use a Human Element in a Landscape Photo or Not?

If you search the internet, you will find a lot of landscape photos that include a human element. Often, a person will be in the frame, sometimes the photographer themselves. In this article, I want to take a closer look at the reason why you should sometimes use a human element in your landscape photo.

Using Flash To Change Your Photo From Day Into Night

If you like shooting your muse in a night-like environment, you might run into some difficulties. With flash, it is also possible to create the night during daylight. This way, it becomes much easier to shoot your muse, without all the difficulties you encounter while shooting in the dark. On top of that, it isn’t difficult at all.

Haida Magnetic Filters Versus Square Filter System

I have been using a square filter system for many years. It proved to be a flexible system that allows one filter to fit on every lens I own. A magnetic filter system is a great alternative, though. I tried both during my recent travels over Lofoten, Norway and I want to share my experiences.

Fstoppers Reviews the Sony Xperia 5 III Smartphone for Photography

When I got asked to review a smartphone I had my doubts. I don’t believe a smartphone can be used for serious photography. But I realized it was an opportunity to see if my opinion was biased or not. I received the Sony Xperia 5 III to look closer at its photographic abilities.

Should You Use Flash for Indoor Photography or Only a High-ISO Setting?

Often, I read about natural light photographers who prefer a high-ISO setting above the use of flash. The latter is considered unnatural and unflattering light. Perhaps that photographer should consider the benefits flash can offer without the sacrifice of a natural-looking photo.

Is There a Difference Between Color Temperature and White Balance?

If you look at your camera, you will find a button to change the white balance. You can choose either auto white balance or one of the other predefined settings. But it is also possible to set the color temperature itself. Is there a difference between color temperature and white balance?

How to Find the Best Landscape Composition in Small Steps

Photographing landscapes is easy. After all, landscapes are everywhere. Choosing a good composition is often much more difficult. It can be helpful to take small steps, slowly building up the most attractive composition. Let me show you how I often work for my landscapes.

Renting Photography Equipment Instead of Buying

Photography as a hobby can be rather expensive, especially when you want a high-quality camera and lenses. You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars without blinking. But you can also rent equipment, and there might be a few good reasons to do so.

Our In-Depth Review of the Sony a7 IV

The popular Sony a7 III has been updated. Meet the Sony a7 IV, the fourth edition of this popular camera. Sony Netherlands provided me with this camera for a review, and I also got a chance to compare it with the previous model. These are my findings.

We Review the Haida M10 Generation II Filter Holder

I started using the Haida M10 filter system in January 2020, and I liked it a lot. Since that time I have been using the M10 filter system exclusively. Now, Haida released a second generation with many improvements. I was provided with an M10 generation II filter holder for review.

Don’t Mistake Depth of Field With Bokeh

Often, I see the term "bokeh" being used when "depth of field" is meant. That’s wrong, simply because it is not the same. Although many will understand the distinction between the two, I will explain the difference for those who do mistake depth of field with bokeh.

Photography Ideas for the Long and Dark Winter Nights

At the end of the year, when the nights are long, and the days dark and weary, photographing can become less interesting. Some may even lose inspiration during these days. I have some ideas for you to get through the dark winter months in the Northern hemisphere.

We Review the Powerful Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera

I got excited when Canon Netherlands asked me to review the new Canon EOS R3. Together with the camera, I received three lenses and was offered just four days to use them under different circumstances. In this review, I share my first impression and shooting experience.

Experimenting With In-Camera Multiple Exposures

A lot of modern cameras allow you to create multiple exposures. Not many photographers are using this function. At first, I forgot about it, thinking it was just a gimmick. But it turns out to be a very creative tool. Perhaps this article will inspire you to try it out.

We Review the Nikon Z 9 Mirrorless Camera

Nikon allowed me to try out a preproduction model of the Nikon Z 9. This long-awaited camera turned out to be a marvel. During a fortnight, I came to appreciate this camera a lot. In this article, I'll tell you about my experience.

How Many Camera Bags Does a Photographer Need?

Every photographer needs a camera bag. Preferably one that not only protects the equipment, but is also comfortable to use. It has to carry at least a camera and a couple of lenses, along with the necessary accessories. Unfortunately, there is not one camera bag that is perfect for every situation.

Keep It Interesting, Don’t Lose All the Shadows in Your Photo

Modern cameras have an amazing dynamic range. It allows the capture of all the luminosities between the darkest parts and the brightest parts. If you want more, a bracketing series can go beyond that. But do we need everything within the dynamic range, or not?