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Fstoppers Reviews the Canon RF 600mm and RF 800mm

Canon has two amazing lenses for their mirrorless system. This is the RF 600mm f/11 IS STM and the RF 800mm f/11 IS STM. Although the aperture is not that wide, these lenses can be very useful. I got a chance to try both for a few weeks and these are my findings.

The Six Pillars for a Good Landscape Photo

It is very easy to take your camera and shoot a landscape. But there is a big chance it will be a disappointing photo. There are six things you should take into account when photographing a landscape. I call it the six pillars for a good landscape photo.

Fstoppers Reviews the Nikon Z 6II, Is It Worth the Upgrade?

For the first time in history, Nikon released a camera that carries the mark II addition in its name. It is indeed the same camera as the mark I, but with a lot of improvements. I reviewed the Nikon Z 6II to find out if it is worth the upgrade.

A Closer Look at High Key and Low Key Photography

Sometimes photos are called high key or low key. I never thought much about it and just made the photos I liked, regardless of what it could be called. But when is it correct to name a photo high key or low key? Let’s find out.

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon RF 85mm f/2 Macro IS STM Lens

Canon released an amazing 85mm lens. It is small, light, and perfect for portraits. It is also a macro lens, making it very versatile, especially for a wedding photographer. Canon Netherlands provided this lens for an extensive review.

Is Dynamic Range Important in Landscape Photography?

Let‘s imagine you would need to choose a new camera for landscape photography. I’m pretty sure a large dynamic range would be something on the priority list. But is the dynamic range important or not?

Nine Things To Do When You Don’t Know What To Photograph

There are moments when it's difficult to go out photographing. Perhaps the weather is too bad, or it becomes dark too soon during wintertime. I have a couple of suggestions to spend these periods with less inspiration in a useful way.

The Strange Differences Between Luminar 4 and Luminar AI

Many presumed Luminar AI to be the big update for Luminar 4. But Skylum surprised everyone when Luminar AI turned out to be a completely different program. Or perhaps it isn’t that different at all?

Eight Ways To Add Depth To Your Landscape Photo

A photo is a two-dimensional rendering of a three-dimensional world. Although there is no longer any depth present, it is possible to add a sense of depth to it. I have gathered eight methods that can help you to add depth to your landscape photo.

Fstoppers Reviews the Canon EOS R6

While everyone is talking about the Canon EOS R5, its little brother seems to get less attention. The Canon EOS R6 looks like the same camera, but with less resolution. But the Canon EOS R6 is a complete different camera all together. Let's have a look at it.

How to Use Your Camera's Dynamic Range in Post Processing

The dynamic range of a camera is something that is considered to be important. A large dynamic range is often preferred. But how can you make use of this in your photography? In this article I will explain how you can use your camera’s dynamic range in post processing.

Your Photo Is About the End Result, Not the Path Towards It

When we do a search on the internet, we will find an enormous amount of tutorials and videos about photography. It is about settings, equipment, lenses, post-processing, and much more. These videos can be very helpful to achieve an end result. And that’s what matters.

The Truth About the Exposure Triangle, and Should You Use It?

Making the relation between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO visible is the idea behind the exposure triangle. I have seen many beautiful drawings of the exposure triangle, but what does this diagram really show? Let’s find out.