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A Closer Look at the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth From Haida

A Closer Look at the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth From Haida

There are times when you need some extra protection for your equipment, even if you transport it in your camera bag. A pouch can offer that extra protection, or you can wrap it in a cloth. Haida has created the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth for that.

I have the RRS PG-01 Pano Gimbal Head for my panorama shooting. As seen in my review here on Fstoppers, it consists out of three parts that you need to assemble before use. RRS should have provided a pouch for transporting these parts, but they didn't. It is possible to buy a neoprene pouch, but in this way, these parts will still rattle against each other. Wrapping the parts in an extra cloth can prevent this.

Wrapping in the three parts of the RRS PG-01 Pano Gimbal Head. 

Using both a cloth and a pouch is a bit redundant, I think. But a cloth alone will not hold it together for long when it’s in your bag. It is a luxury problem, I know. But it can get a bit frustrating at times.

This is just an example where the Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth can be handy. Instead of a normal cloth, it is sticky on one side. It makes it possible to wrap things and holding them together. Haida provided me with some samples for this review.

The Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapping Cloth comes in three sizes.

The Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth comes in three sizes. 36x36cm, 48x48cm, and 58x58cm, each accompanied with a small carabiner. The cloths are light blue-gray with a white silhouette of the Haida M10 filter holder. On one side you have the sticky side, and the other one is made of Microfiber Chamois fabric.

One side is made of a Microfiber cloth, the other side is the Magic Stick-It material.

The cloths are said to be soft and comfortable, scratch-resistant, and dust and moisture resistant. It is possible to wash and iron the cloth if it becomes dirty. Although the sticky side of this cloth is what it's all about, the other side is also perfect for cleaning your lenses or LCD screen.

You can use the microfiber side to clean your lenses, or LCD screen. Or any other surface for that matter. The cloth is washable.

Some Examples From Using the Cloth

Besides the panorama gimbal head I was mentioning in the intro of this article, I have not had any need for a cloth for my equipment. For the panorama gimbal head, it turns out to be a great way of transporting the parts. But I wouldn’t want to wrap my camera or lenses like this. I like to have my equipment right at hand, and I don’t want to unwrap it before use.

I wouldn't want to wrap all my photography equipment, but sometimes that might give a bit more protection, especially when these are stored in one bag compartiment.

That said, I have seen participants of my workshop wrapping some things in cloths when packing a camera backpack. Although I have no explicit need for such a cloth, other might. And I can imagine in some occurrences such a cloth will come in handy. If you want to pack more than one lens in a backpack compartment such a cloth may be very handy. It won’t unwrap when reaching in your bag, or by transport movements, and thus protecting your lenses more effectively.

An example of the RRS PG-01 Pano Gimbal Head pieces in a bag, and the Sony camera and lens in one compartiment if you don't have enough dividers.

In this case the Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth comes in handy. It would unfold unattentionally due to the sticky side.

Another good use I came up with is traveling with your tripod in your check-in luggage. I always remove the ball head and keep it safe in a separate pouch. But with the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth it is easy to keep the ball head attached and still have that extra protection I prefer.

I do agree, it feels a bit of searching for a reason to use these cloths. It is not said I would use it in such a way, but it is something that it can be used for. On the Haida website more examples of different uses can be found, like a sort of bag for your camera or accessories.

Since it’s dust and moisture resistant you could also use it to cover your camera on a tripod from getting wet in a light rain shower. Since it is sticky you won’t have to worry it will blow away in the wind. It will stay in place.

The cloth can protect against moisture and a light rain shower. Because of the sticky side you won't have to worry about wind.

My Thoughts About the Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth

I think Haida has made a nice product with the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth. It is not something that will be missed when it is not in your bag, but it can be a helpful accessory if you need to give lenses or other items a bit of extra protection. The alternative is a neoprene pouch, but that is less flexible in use. As a bonus, you can use the Microfiber side for cleaning if necessary.

There are some downsides to using these sticky cloths. For the best wrapping, you want a flat surface. If you don’t have that available, it might become a bit trickier to wrap your item, especially when there are a couple of components like the RRS PG-01 Pano Gimbal Head. Placing the cloth on the ground may lead to some dirt sticking onto it. If so, you don’t want to use it as a lens cloth anymore.

The large size can even wrap a travel tripod. But a flat surface is advisable for a good wrap.

Unfortunately, Haida hasn’t made a loophole on the cloth. If they did, the small carabiner that comes with the cloth would give a lot of extra possibilities. You could make a loophole yourself if you are very handy with needles and thread. Perhaps Haida will think of that with a second improved version.

Fortunately, the Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth is not that expensive. The ones I now have will come in handy when my photography travels become possible again. Perhaps I will purchase a few extra cloths just in case.

You might want to protect the ball head of your tripod during travels. The Haida Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth can be used for this.

Things I Like

  • Offers an easy and relatively secure way of wrapping small items
  • One sticky side, one microfiber side
  • Offers protection when packing more than one item in a bag compartment.
  • Three different sizes
  • Provides some protection against moisture and dirt
  • Quite versatile
  • Can be used as a lens cleaning cloth
  • Washable
  • Not that expensive

Things To Be Aware Of

  • Can be difficult to wrap things when you don’t have a flat surface available
  • Also, dirt and dust can stick to it
  • The sticky side sticks also to the inside fabric of a camera bag (which at the same time can also be very handy)
  • There is no guide on how to wrap objects in the best possible way, like lenses or cameras. You have to find out yourself
  • Might be difficult to find in an online store

Thanks to Haida for providing me with the three sizes of the Magic Stick-It Wrapper Cloth.

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Nando Harmsen is a Dutch photographer that is specialized in wedding and landscape photography. With his roots in the analog photo age he gained an extensive knowledge about photography techniques and equipment, and shares this through his personal blog and many workshops.

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Unless the trapped dust can be released back to equipment, my only concerns would be if the cloth fibers are strong enough not to become loose with time, and if the sticky part can withstand heat without releasing some kind of glue.

This looks fantastic!

Alas, it doesn't seem to be available to U.S. Amazon users :-(