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You Have Two Days Left to Save a Boatload on Your 2017 Taxes With These Tips

Everywhere I turn, I am hearing about the upcoming tax code change and who it will benefit. Until January 1, my eyes are solely on 2017 income and what advantages photographers can utilize to reduce their tax burden this year. Time is of the essence for what you can do this year to save money before the ball drops on December 31 at midnight.

Win Two Free Classes at Fstoppers Workshops in the Bahamas with Monte Isom and Erik Valind

Fellow Fstoppers instructor Erik Valind and I, Monte Isom, have come up with a contest that offers the whole package to aspiring and working photographers. In my class I'll be teaching how to break into the advertising business and land those large budget jobs to make photography a career instead of just a hobby. Erik will be teaching a class about controlling light with speedlights, where you'll learn to maximize natural light as well as how to light on small to medium budget productions.