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MIOPS Mobile Uses Your Smartphone as a Camera Trigger

A few days ago MIOPS posted their new project up for funding on Kickstarter, the MIOPS Mobile DSLR/mirrorless camera trigger system. Fundamentally, it's an enhanced version of their previous trigger, the MIOPS Smart Trigger. It has all its same modes plus a cool brand new feature that is the central idea behind the new trigger system, which is the ability to use your smartphone as a triggering sensor.

Calibration: What It Is, Why You Should Do It, and How It's Done

Why is my print dark? Why are the colors off? I believe we all found ourselves asking these questions inside our head (or worse, yelling at our photo printer!) during our first steps into our journey in photography. Monitor calibration is the solution, bad settings and bad color reproduction by the monitor are the culprit. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite energy drink and read on, I'll tell you everything about it, what you have to do, what you gain, how it's done, and what you need to correctly calibrate your monitors.