MIOPS Mobile Uses Your Smartphone as a Camera Trigger

MIOPS Mobile Uses Your Smartphone as a Camera Trigger

A few days ago MIOPS posted their new project up for funding on Kickstarter, the MIOPS Mobile DSLR/mirrorless camera trigger system. Fundamentally, it's an enhanced version of their previous trigger, the MIOPS Smart Trigger. It has all its same modes plus a cool brand new feature that is the central idea behind the new trigger system, which is the ability to use your smartphone as a triggering sensor.

The MIOPS Mobile trigger connects to your camera's shutter release connector (the connector that you use to connect a cable shutter release) and communicates with your smartphone over Bluetooth (wireless connection). You can use your smartphone's sensors as triggers, you can use your phone's accelerometer to detect vibrations and trigger the camera when your phone vibrates, you can use your smartphone's camera as a motion sensor to trigger the DSLR/mirrorless camera, or the smartphone's microphone to trigger the camera via sound. You can also use the GPS unit of your smartphone to trigger the camera every X meters/feet to do a road/walk time-lapse.

Here's a short brief of the MIOPS Mobile trigger's capabilities:

  • Motion trigger
  • Sound trigger
  • Vibration trigger
  • Road-lapse (GPS assisted triggering)
  • Time-lapse mode
  • Time-lapse with bulb ramping
  • HDR time-lapse mode
  • Scenario mode (multiple triggers)
  • Remote shutter control modes (simple tap, press and hold, press and lock, timed release, self-timer, timed release with self-timer)

Compared to their previous release, the MIOPS Smart Trigger, the all new MIOPS Mobile lacks the following modes:

  • Lightning trigger
  • Laser trigger
  • DIY trigger mode (external DIY sensors)

It's pretty easy to choose between the two. If you want to do high-speed photography like water drops, lightning strikes, or exploding balloons, lamps, and other items, then you need the MIOPS Smart Trigger. If you want to do anything except water drops or exploding items, then the MIOPS Mobile trigger is what you want.

To view usage videos and get more information on the MIOPS Mobile, visit the Kickstarter page.

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I've been using the cheap Triggertrap mobile for a while, and it's great. I guess this wireless version will add some extra possibilities, but presumably more expensive.

It's about $40 more, but has more features.
I'd say both are on the cheap side considering what you get and comparing to other triggers from other brands.