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"Another November" Beautifully Represents the Stages of Heartbreak (Slightly NSFW)

Paris-based photographer Laura Stevens created a stunning narrative portrait series entitled “Another November,” which explores the stages of heartbreak at the conclusion of a long-term relationship. The series portrays the “gradual emotional and circumstantial stages…along the well-trodden track of the broken-hearted."

"Lost in Fukushima" Series Documents Loneliness, Aftermath of Disaster

Tokyo-based photographer Uma Kinoshita’s series “Lost in Fukushima” documents Fukushima a year after the 2011 disasters had displaced more than 100,000 people over radiation concerns alone. Focusing on absolute loneliness and loss, Kinoshita captured these “places where no one could or should be.”

"In Situ" Series Captures Melancholy Animals in Artificial Habitats

French photographer Eric Pillot traveled to zoos across Europe for his project “In Situ;” capturing the artificial habitats of the animals who reside in captivity. Pillot’s images portray a sense of disconnected sadness as animals pose with downcast eyes against vivid backgrounds.

"365 Parisiens" Documents Strangers on the Streets of Paris in Stunning Black and White Portraits

Photographer and art director Constantin Mashinskiy captures stunning black and white portraits of people encountered on the streets of Paris for his ongoing series “365 Parisiens.” Reminiscent of the work of classic street photographers like Cartier-Bresson and Robert Capa, the series is a yearlong project consisting of, at its finish, 365 portraits of strangers in The City of Light.

Photographer Intimately Captures the Plants and Insects Surrounding his Home

Photographer Joshua White’s A Photographic Survey of the American Yard is an intimate and comprehensive documentation of the flora and fauna surrounding White’s North Carolina home. The project frames each delicate subject squarely on a sepia toned background, drawing the focus to its bright detail.

Colorblind Photographer Kilian Schoenberger Captures Striking Landscapes

Kilian Schönberger’s work boasts captivating clarity and depth, serving to distinguish it from the masses of landscape photography. The range of color and tone found in his images is made all the more impressive by the fact that Schönberger is colorblind. Focusing on texture and pattern instead of color, Schönberger creates brightly contrasted, beautiful images.

"The Communitarians" Captures Life in a Virginian Commune

In his striking series “The Communitarians,” photojournalist Aaron Cohen documents the lives of the members of Twin Oaks, a commune in Virginia. Shot in black and white, the series is a compassionate look at Twin Oaks’ close-knit community as modernity is interwoven with long-held communal principles.

Body-Positive Photo Project Celebrates Variety in the Female Form (NSFW)

Photographer Liora K and writer/model/activist Jes Baker teamed up to create The Expose Project, which aims to represent women of all shapes and sizes through portraiture. Consisting of three photoshoots featuring more than 150 women in total, the project celebrates the female body without shame, fear or judgment.

Incredible Travel Photography by Marianna Jamadi

Photographer and professional nomad Marianna Jamadi chronicles her travels with vividly colorful photographs; showcasing the natural beauty of the countries she visits. Jamadi’s work captures not only gorgeous landscapes, but quiet moments of everyday life in countries like Spain, Russia, Norway and Estonia.

"Southbound" Series Captures Yearly Migration of Norwegians to Sunnier Shores

Photographer Knut Egil Wang documents the annual migration of Norwegians to sunnier destinations, as they look to escape the darkness and cold of Norwegian winter. Wang captures the strangeness and bliss that comes with transplanting oneself for a few months each year in a series titled “Southbound” or “Syden.”

Fascinating "Soldiers' Inventories" Series Chronicles British Military Kits From 1066 to 2014

Photographer Thom Atkinson’s series “Soldiers’ Inventories” presents a fascinatingly detailed look at the military kits of British soldiers from 1066 to modern day. Spanning over 900 years, the project displays the items British soldiers would have carried into battle during conflicts like the Siege of Jerusalem in 1244, to the Falklands War in 1982.

Re-Committment to Forging One's Own Path: Suzanne Heintz' "The Vows"

Photographer Suzanne Heintz has spent the past fourteen years “playing house” with two mannequins-her fictitious husband “Chauncey” and their daughter "Mary Margaret". Her fantastically elaborate “Life Once Removed” series, featured previously on Fstoppers, stemmed from a frustration with the stigma she faced as a single adult woman. A continuation of Heintz’ series, “The Vows” was recently released, and features Heintz and Chauncey renewing their vows in a satirical-but very real- ceremony.

Photographer Brigette Bloom on Her Ethereal "Kaya" Series, Experimental Processes (NSFW)

Photographer Brigette Bloom draws from her start in documentary photography to create mystical, story-driven work. A concept photographer, Bloom works with Impossible Project Polaroid and 35mm film, which she often alters to create interesting effects (you may recognize her as “the photographer who pees on her film.”) I spoke with Bloom about her captivating “Kaya” series, and her overall process as an artist.

Gorgeous Natural Light Portraits by Italian Photographer Alessio Albi

Twenty-seven year old nutritionist-turned-photographer Alessio Albi creates colorful, expressive portraits using natural light sources and outdoor settings around his home in Perugia, Italy. Incorporating aspects of conceptual and lifestyle photography, Albi’s portraits feature contemplative young women, emerging from within their natural surroundings.

Series Documents an Abandoned Mining Town as it is Reclaimed by the Namib Desert

Toronto-based photographer Elaine Ling’s series “Abandoned, Namib Desert” documents the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanskop, located in the desert of southern Namibia. Ling’s series explores the relationship between man and nature as abandoned buildings are eroded by shifting sand and relentless wind.