The Best And Worst Cameras And Lenses Of 2013 By The Camera Store

It isn't the end of the year just yet, but The Camera Store released this great video depicting the best and worst lenses and bodies of 2013. They typically make great videos and this is one of them. It may give you a great insight on some lenses to consider for the holiday season as well! If you received gift cards or cash for the holidays, these suggestions may tempt you. 

It also gives a great overview of some of the lenses that you may not have considered. It will also save you time avoiding the worst products of the year. They didn't seem preferential to particular brands either. Some of the great lenses mentioned came from Sigma. They've done a great job with changing their image and pushing out great quality glass for an affordable price.

In the process, they openly talk about the flaws from some of the cameras you would expect, including the Hasseblad Lunar.

[Via The Camera Store Youtube Channel]

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