A Review of the New Laowa 90mm f/2.8 APO 2x Lens

Venus Optics has long been known for producing unique and capable lenses that offer impressive performance at quite affordable prices. Their latest lens, the Laowa 90mm f/2.8 APO 2x, offers twice the magnification of a traditional macro lens for not a lot of money, and it is available for all major mirrorless full frame mounts. This great video review takes a look at the new lens and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice. 

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this awesome video review takes a look at the new Laowa 90mm f/2.8 APO 2x lens. Available for Sony E, Leica L, Canon RF, and Nikon Z mounts, the 90mm f/2.8 positions itself as an alternative to the traditional 1:1 medium telephoto macro lens by offering double the magnification at about half the price of most such lenses. And beyond the close-up capabilities, photographers often value such macro lenses because they can pull double duty as portrait lenses, offering a flattering focal length in tandem with sharp results. Altogether, the 90mm f/2.8 looks like another impressive performer at a very competitive price. Check out the video above for Abbott's full thoughts on the lens, and look for it to be available soon for $499.

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