Six Months With the Canon EOS R5: Astrophotography, Portraits, Wildlife, and Landscapes

The Canon EOS R5 has been in the hands of photographers for several months now, allowing them to get a real feel for how it holds up in long-term usage. This excellent video review takes a look at the EOS R5 after six months of usage and how it performs in a variety of genres. 

Coming to you from Perea Photography, this great video review takes a look at the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera after six months with the camera. The EOS R5 has proven itself a very versatile camera that can handle just about any shooting scenario competently, as the video shows. I have been particularly impressed with just how seamless adapted lens performance is. I have a few RF lenses, and they are spectacular both in terms of image quality and performance, but after many years building my EF lens library, there are not equivalent RF models for all my lenses, nor do I want to splash out the amount of money it would take to convert them all. Not only have I seen no loss in performance when using adapted EF lenses, many of them actually focus more quickly and with better accuracy. And beyond that, you also get the benefit of in-body image stabilization. Suffice to say I'm quite happy with my EOS R5. Check out the video above for more. 

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Robert Nurse's picture

I've had mine for about 6 months too. One thing I've noticed is that the R5 will lock up on you. It's only happened twice. But, it can be a pain during a shoot. Merely removing the battery reboots the system and you're back up and running. The viewfinder issue mentioned can be a minor irritant. But, if you remember not to pass your hand over that viewfinder sensor, you'll be alright. The upsides for me are the face/eye detect! This is where this camera really shines in portraiture. Recomposition is a snap especially at or near wide open! I look forward to seeing how it handles astro work.

Morris Erickson's picture

Scott Kelby was having a similar lock-up problem and he found that his firmware was not updated. The R5 is now on version 1.3.1. Certain third-party lenses can cause a lock-up issue.

I replaced my 5DSR with the R5 last year. No regrets!

Robert Nurse's picture

I'm on 1.3.0 and I was using an EF lens with the adapter on the last lock-up. I don't recall what I was using the last time. But, I'll update to 1.3.1 tonight and we'll see how it goes.