Video Comparison Of The Blackmagic Cinema Camera Vs The Canon 5D III

With just under a week left for our Blackmagic Cinema Camera giveaway here at Fstoppers, we figured this would be a great opportunity to show you how impressive this camera is in comparison to the Canon 5D Mark III. This video, produced by One River Media, really shows how well the Blackmagic performs in every aspect. With 13 stops of dynamic range along with many of its other features, the difference is quite apparent in this video. 

[Via Gizmodo]


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Jay Huron's picture

 I'd like a still camera with that much better dynamic range. Do you have to go MF to get that?

Alex Masters's picture

Leaf will give you 12.5

you'll get similar dynamic range from most DSLR's if you shoot RAW, especially new cameras like the D800... No need for medium format, you really just need to know how to deal with your RAW files properly.

Chad Andreo-Photo's picture

D800 with get you 14....Im a Canon user.

Jay Huron's picture

 Yeah, I'd heard the newer Nikon's had 14.

Roman M France's picture

The DR on the D800 is kind of extraordinary, really wish that translated to it's video side. 

Kyle Sanders's picture

My biggest gripe against DSLR's for video is the odd interference patterns you get from down-sampling the 21mp sensor to 1080p. We found it to be unusable for close product shots with fine grids or similar details.

Albert Manduca's picture

The 5d mkIII does a little bit better with this than the mkII, but its still not perfect.. 

Wow, thx so much for the video.  Finally some real relief as I wait for mine to arrive!