What Are Some of the Best Used Camera Deals in 2022?

While the latest generation of cameras features some incredibly capable bodies, many photographers and filmmakers simply do not need all that power. Thankfully, the used market has a ton of options to fit just about every budget and set of needs. This great video discusses some of the best deals you can find on used cameras at the moment.

Coming to you from DPReview TV, this helpful video discusses some of the best used camera deals on the market at the moment. I definitely agree that the Sony a7R III is one that is worth taking a deep look at. The a7R III was a bit of a groundbreaking camera in that it was the first high-resolution (42 megapixels) body that also had a fast burst rate (10 fps), meaning photographers did not have to choose between detail and speed. And like other Sony sensors, the one in the a7R III had fantastic dynamic range that made it a favorite of many landscape photographers. Its performance is still competitive in 2022, and I suspect most photographers would be quite pleased with it. I owned one for a few years and loved mine. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Gary Pardy's picture

Agree fully on the used market for A7RIII, it's crazy the amount of bodies and bundles that are showing up at tempting discounts. A runner up would be the X-T3 - clearly a ton of hardcore Fuji shooters are making the leap to the X-T5.

Jacob H.'s picture

I think the S1 is a great photography camera too. I'm hard-pressed to come up with another 24MP camera that has a similar good low-light capability. Combine that with a super EVF, IBIS, the class-leading build quality and handling and you have a great camera. Only the SL2-S comes to mind, but that's a different story altogether. A friend of mine purchased an S1 + 24-105 in mint condition for less than €1,500. A bargain when you need a solid full-frame camera and you're not into wildlife or fast-action sports.

Gary Pardy's picture

I've seen the S1 kicking around also. I'm pretty motivated by used market deals, and unfortunately I see very little L-mount glass making the rounds. That said, there is a ton of L-mount glass I'd like to own.

Jacob H.'s picture

There's indeed not too much L-mount glass in the used market. However, Sigma has excellent glass in both Art and i-line at affordable prices. The 35 and 65/f2 are both brilliant. The Lumix 50 and 85/f1.8 are great too,

Jacques Cornell's picture

a7RIII. I picked up three of 'em for $1800 each over the past two years. Menus are clear as mud, AF is pretty good (good enough for my event work), but there's no arguing with the IQ coming out of these suckers. With DxO PhotoLab, ISO 25,600 images look not just usable but actually GOOD. I can hold tight with them until mint used a7RVs drop below $2k or a7RIVs hit $1500.