Watch an Asteroid Hit the Moon During a Lunar Eclipse

If you missed the recent Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse, you missed an extra special event, as for the first time, an asteroid was captured impacting the moon during an eclipse. Check out video from the event.

Astronomer Jose Maria Madiedo has spent the last decade training his telescopes and cameras on the moon during lunar eclipses, hoping to capture just such an impact during such an event. During the recent eclipse, at 5:41 a.m. local time, Madiedo captured the first such impact, showing as a bright flash on the top left portion of the moon. Madiedo is part of MIDAS (Moon Impacts Detection and Analysis System), which started in 1997 and uses software that analyzes data from worldwide observatories to find such events.  Normally, the team monitors the moon just after and before the New Moon, when the surface is dark and thus, impacts are in good contrast, but they also gain additional opportunity during eclipses, though this is the first time one has actually been captured. The team has not fully analyzed the impact yet, but Madiedo says it was likely a small asteroid in the range of 10 kilograms. It's certainly a very unique and neat event. 

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lol if flat earthers are looking for proof that space is fake, this would be a great video to point to.

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Meh, hot pixel glitch.

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I bet it hit the American flag we didn’t put there in 1969 ...

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i think this was an alien spaceship using the ship lights to announce it was going to overpass another alien spaceship...

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As a backyard astronomer, we live for stuff like this! And, it would in all likelihood be a meteorite that struck. Meteorite size is considered to be anything up to 50 meters across. The estimate of 10 kilos tells me that it was a meteorite....picking nits. :-) It would have made for a terrific fireball had it made it to our atmosphere!

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That's very underwhelming

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I didn't see it happen while shooting away that night but look what I found in my photo library! Totally SOOC you guys.

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wow, you captured this one better than the video!

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Ha, yes but perhaps with a teensy bit of help courtesy of mid-century nuclear bomb test stock photography.

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Now that's more like it 😁

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Amazing! Never seen such an exciting video in my whole life. That’s why an fStoppers membership is worth it’s weight in gold.