This Free App Makes Your Instagram Feed More Attractive Than Ever

Instagram is a fantastic tool for photographers to promote their work. It’s not incredibly complicated to get the hang of it: post your pictures, add a description along with a couple of hashtags, and people can find your images. However, if you’ve been using it long enough, you may have noticed that your stream quickly looks like a mass of pictures with no continuity. Since the app doesn’t allow for pre-planned posts, it’s difficult to keep a visually appealing account. That is unless you use an app such as UNUM to help you out.

UNUM is an app for mobile devices which lets you create a virtual grid of images. Its interface is very intuitive. No need for a user guide or lengthy tutorials. Open it up, connect it to your Instagram account, and load all the images you’d like to post.

From there, you can organize them on a virtual grid to make sure your stream of images is attractive for viewers. The goal should be to make your audience want to scroll your whole feed. To make the posting process even more efficient and quick, you can write in advance the description for each image your import in the app. Then, with a simple press of a button, you can copy and paste the description and picture to Instagram. It’s even possible to be reminded when to post so that you never forget the high peaks of the day.

Best of all, unless you have tons of pictures to post across multiple accounts, the app is entirely free. So if you are serious about Instagram and want to try and keep a slightly better-looking stream, be sure to give it a try. UNUM is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Do you use any other app to improve the quality of your Instagram account or any other social media platform? Do you think a visually appealing account helps to get more followers and engagement? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Andrew Griswold's picture

I discovered this app some weeks back when a friend snuck it into their IG Story. I was confused at first but then realized what a cool app it was for the masses that care about overall ascetic of their page. THen again I have been doing this for years with the photo app within the iPhone. If you make a new folder, then add in 5-6 white images, just screen grab anything white and crop it down. Then you can select and drag and drop images and those white images to create a 3 wide selection of shots that mimic the IG feed. Its hard to explain but its one less app I need to do.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

So, you want to tell, that I can take thousand mediocre photos and then this app will make out of them great photographer's portfolio? :)

mereon davenci's picture

You can use the instagram++ app to use the Instagram app much more convenient way. It adds many features to original Instagram app and customises your feeds according to your needs. You can download Instagram++ app from

harry john's picture

I agree that instagram is very popular nowdays and basically to post special photos on social media. I started using Instagram few months ago, I m not very fond of Instagram but will download this UNUM app to make more effective the instagram profile. Once I faced the issues in login Instagram then I found very useful.

Rupali Renjen's picture

This app looks great, I'll definitely check it out

pross nara's picture

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