Have Some Fun With a Whimsical Photoshoot

This video by Mango Street led me to being more observant. It made me see the almost comical aspects of my surroundings when walking around. To think of the space around you as a playful one could be the gateway to learning a new photographic language and communicate something more directly. 

The video references two Instagram photographers, Anna Devis and Daniel Rueda, who create whimsical images by using their surroundings and styling themselves to suit the concept. If you like the images, and would like to know how to get started, they have a course which could lead the way. 

Even if you are a street photographer, or someone photographing sport, it's often good for your creative spirit to take a different approach. Just because of this video and the browsing of their Instagram profiles, when I step outside now I observe a lot more of my surroundings. Can I spot a similar opportunity for a photo? Like most of us, I usually have my phone camera with me, but this has actually made me pack my camera for tomorrow's walk. It feels great, even if I have to wear a mask and only have an hour to do so during lockdown.

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