How Create a Seamless Carousel on Instagram

If you're using multiple image uploads on Instagram, perhaps you could be using it more effectively with seamless carousel collages.

Instagram's carousel feature means you can upload multiple images to one post. There has been a lot of speculation about how useful this is in terms of interactions, but the general consensus is that it's better than a single image. One technique you may have already seen is people uploading one long panoramic image, for instance, but swiping across it just scrolls sideways through one image without any breaks. In this video by Cody Blue, he teaches you how he makes his collages for Instagram, utilizing this seamless carousel technique.

I'm not a huge fan of collages personally, but this method can be used just as well on one or several images to achieve a smooth and interesting viewing experience. I hadn't thought to use the slice tool and guidelines to chop up images for Instagram, but it does seem a much quicker and easier way to get a great result.

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Steven Marks's picture

Is this technique slow the overall app performance. To grow Insta followers

Luc-Richard Elie's picture

There's an app for this (available for Iphones only unfortunately) that literally makes this video Null and Void.


Thank you! Downloaded and currently being played with - what fun!

Deleted Account's picture

Oh, that's a pretty ugly solution. Sorry. rather simple mosaics stuck in the slide show?
I'm not watching the video as I saw enough in the link to the profile.

If you want to see a very cool mix-match of how to post things, visit 33brewingexp

No, I'm not affiliated to them at all,

Martin Van Londen's picture

This is an interesting technique. It might save me a lot of time. I have made carousel edits with artboards in the past. It's more involved, but it makes it easier to optimize the photos.

And yeah, the layout the guy in the video is doing look sloppy.

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Could we please start seeing content in growing our own websites / portfolios?

It would be great to show readers interesting content and 'insider tricks' to implement on their own website to help them grow for themselves. This could include image compression, alt tags and titles, content to write about, start an email campaign etc. Let's start growing our own platforms, not some big techs platform 😀

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Informative and appreciated.

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Great video and awesome idea. I've used the iphone app before to split a single photo but I like this idea to build a small collection of photos to share at once. Already put it to use since watching the video yesterday!

Domeyko Photography's picture

Robert. Thank you for sharing. Love it.