How To Create AI Art of Specific People or Yourself

Imagine being able to effortlessly insert your own face into iconic images or movies or create completely unique images with a particular person using AI. Thanks to the remarkable open-source software Insight Face, this is now achievable with just a few simple steps. 

Unlike traditional methods that rely on Photoshop or endless re-rolls with uploaded selfies, Insight Face operates within Midjourney, offering a straightforward and efficient approach.

To begin your face-swapping journey, the first step is to create a new server in Discord. Don't worry if you're new to plugins; the process is user-friendly and uncomplicated. Simply click on the "Add a Server" button, create a server name of your choice (e.g., "Inside Face"), and hit "Create." Next, follow the provided link to authorize Insight Face, and invite the Midjourney bot to your server. These initial setup steps pave the way for a smooth face-swapping experience.

To give Insight Face a face to swap, you'll need to generate an ID by uploading an image. The documentation suggests using a high-quality, forward-facing image without glasses or bangs for optimal results. After selecting your image, assign a character name (limited to eight characters) and voila, your ID is created. Insight Face's technology is powerful enough to handle various styles, including photographic, illustrative, and even abstract paintings, as demonstrated through exciting experiments.

With your server set up and your face identity established, it's time to dive into the exhilarating process of face swapping. Choose an image that captures your imagination and upscale it if desired. In just a few clicks, the Midjourney bot and Insight Face collaboration will work their magic, seamlessly replacing the original face with yours. Within seconds, you'll witness a remarkable transformation that would have taken hours in Photoshop, all accomplished with impressive speed and accuracy.

While Insight Face is a powerful tool for face swapping, it's essential to acknowledge its current limitations. Styles that deviate significantly from traditional photography, such as highly illustrative or abstract images, may encounter slight challenges. Some facial features, like beards, can be a bit tricky to swap accurately, and extreme expressions might yield less-than-ideal results. However, it's worth noting that the Insight Face team is actively developing and refining their technology, which means improvements and enhancements are on the horizon.

Insight Face has revolutionized the world of face-swapping, bringing the ability to seamlessly insert ourselves into iconic images and movies within our grasp. With its user-friendly interface and impressive speed, anyone can experience the joy of seeing their face in unexpected contexts. While limitations exist, the continuous development and refinement of Insight Face promise even more exciting possibilities in the future.

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