Why I Use Format to Showcase My Photography Online Portfolio Website

Why I Use Format to Showcase My Photography Online Portfolio Website

I became a photographer because I love taking photos, and I’m fortunate enough to be one of those lucky few who gets paid to do what they love. That being said, when I got my start in this industry, I don’t think I could have anticipated just how much work was involved in running my own photography business. From taking and editing photos, to filing invoices, to professional networking, there’s no shortage to the number of items that fill my to do list each day.

With so much already on my plate, the last thing I want to do is spend an unnecessary amount of time on any task that takes away from what I want to be doing: taking photos. My work is my livelihood, and I need to be able to share it as soon as I create it — work begets work. To do this professionally and quickly, I use Format (http://format.com) for managing my online portfolio and presenting my work to potential clients.

I used to get outside help to create my personal websites from scratch, but whenever I wanted to change even the tiniest of details it would involve hours of work for very little return. If I wanted to simply update and image and its caption, I’d have to contact the designer directly, who would then have to connect to the FTP, upload the newest file, edit the website code by hand to update that single page, and then reupload all of the changes made. It was a long process that I’d have to repeat each time I needed to update my site; it was expensive, timeconsuming, and had no guarantees of immediate changes.

One of the biggest reasons I chose Format to host my online portfolio is because of how easy it is to use — I can change what I want, when I need to. The interface design and page management tools are extremely flexible and intuitive — I can customize all aspects of my portfolio with drag and drop options and preview the changes instantly. I’m able to get my portfolio website to look exactly the way I want in a matter of minutes, without touching a single line of code at all. Life is made easy.

With seamless mobile and tablet integration built right into my Format site, it’s easy to bring my portfolio wherever I want. I can email a link to my online portfolio to a potential client across the world, or meet them in person with my iPad in tow, and know that my images will look just as good no matter what device they’re being viewed on. When I’m updating my online portfolio, I can quickly toggle between the mobile, tablet, and desktop previews to make sure that what I’m seeing is what I want my audience to see.

When I’ve reached out to Format about helping me fine tune my site, it seems like there’s always someone available to answer my questions. I usually get a response and my issues resolved within 23 hours, which is about the amount of time I’m willing to work on any given task before I call it quits. I know, with confidence, that my website is always in good hands.

At the end of the day, having an online presence that’s professional, accessible, and looks good is best for business. My online portfolio lets me promote my work, provide some insight into the person behind the professional, and allow potential clients to contact me directly. Format doesn’t just support my images; it supports my career.

Visit www.markarbeit.com to see more of Mark Arbeit's work.

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You also can't go wrong making a portfolio site with WordPress. Here's a nice YouTube tutorial on creating a portfolio site:


I think Format is an interesting service but has one material problem with their business model. They force every customer to advertise their company with a badge. A clear departure from every other portfolio service in existence where badges can be easily disabled or displayed at the site owners discretion

As a artist, why would you let someone else trade on the only asset you have - your brand? You're paying to use their service and in exchange, they want to flog their products on the countless hours of work their customers have invested in their careers. That's why format will always be for aspiring and want to be artists. The true pros understand the value of their brand and don't trade their names away so easily.

Kavak Agir's picture

The format is good for image quality and easy to use! but we live in 2017 now and as we are the artist, we should focus on our marketing too. it's a big deal in our and every work I guess! Format has poor features for SEO! also no built-in analytics, google index, robot.txt or sitemap is close to 0 in Format! I'm also not a fan of Wordpress cuz I don't like my website based on the text ( It's not the best service for a commercial fashion photographer, in my opinion, maybe wedding ? ) but in middle is Squarespace! I tried both Squarespace & currently on format but I want to switch to Squarespace! I know its a bit more confusing than Format but after first week you will learn it fast. you can control mostly everything in Squarespace! write hidden HTML code, SEO tools, built-in analytics, blog, store even great connect to MailChimp for subscriber gaining! Anyway, as everyone says, be aware of your brand and your purpose & what it needs, but do not forget that you are not just an artist, also an agent for your marketing in this digital based world!


Hope it helps