Wing-Suit Base Jumper Skims Feet Above The Ground

Wing-Suit Base Jumper Skims Feet Above The Ground

I have a desire to jump off a cliff with a wing-suit on but I am still terrified to go skydiving. While I try to psych myself into it, I do enjoy watching others risk their lives from the comfort of my computer chair. I've seen a lot of base jumping videos and this one has to be in my top 3. Once again the cheap GoPro video camera has created another mind blowing video.

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Make sure you watch this thing in 720p full screen. It will take your breath away 

It took my breath indeed! Damn at 1:17 he was extremely close! I'd love to try this...

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I still don't think he's go nothing on these guys:

Yep, that is my favorite video

I think the stunts are awesome in that one, but the video quality in this one takes it for me. You get a real sense of the speed and distance with this video. It is also clear that this is only one jump, whereas the other feels like a montage of many jumps (even if it is only 1 or 2).

crazy fragger!!! :)

thats a nice set of balls he got, check thoses guys : pretty sick too

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That is incredible!

Great video. I can't get enough of Wingsuit videos. Check this one out, so far this has been my favorite:

[ speechless... ]

hehe in my city Pskov, Russia GoPro cameras isnt so cheap hehe its cost average monthly wage ))
cool video )

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I'm genuinely impressed he can fit into that squirrel suit with balls that big.

Best statement EVER!!!!!!

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Wish I could do this - but alas in the UK you need to have a C-license (min 200 jumps) before even taking a camera up, let alone something more advanced like BASE or wingsuits. I'm only on 40 and just too busy all the time.

If I wasn't saving for a new camera and car I would buy a wing suit. I have the same canopy and container he has, but proximity flying in the US is illegal.

where's the location?? totally awesome

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Welcome to Switzerland

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Only one word: wow...

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Jeb Corliss was injured in a base jumping accident in South Africa recently.  He should make a full recovery.  Truely a crazy guy!

Jeb's freaking amazing. Even when he hit his leg and broke it at 100mph, he was able to quickly pull his chute. Amazing and insane!

I love this awsome video!

f'ing love that song. it's actually my buddy's jump song. will be shooting him this summer as he jumps from a few different interesting locations. can't wait. awolnation to be blasting and the strobes popping. awesome. getting goose bumps thinking of it!

Yup, this is going on my bucket list...

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Wing suit vids will never get old. Also, I tried playing this track the other day while on a road trip. Note to self, songs that work for wing suit videos, do not work while on a road trip. I felt like a douche. 

I think you guys will like this one. Have a look at around 5:20