Election Season: A Filmmaker's Last Request

For the past year we have been subjected to constant political bombardment. With the U.S. presidential election right around the corner, there is finally, thankfully, an end in sight. Like every presidential election, artists are using their talents to sway voters to the left or to the right. But Filipino born filmmaker Bryan Alano and a team of other photographers and poets have chimed in at the last minute with a reasonable and artistic project that serves as a last request to voters.

The project, bluntly titled #VOTEFORWHATISRIGHT, uses original poetry and monochromatic stills to urge Americans to vote their conscience and to fight against the magnetic pull towards cynicism this November. The film’s verse and imagery, while liberal in tone, doesn’t promote any candidate in particular. Instead, the film goads Americans to unite in conversation and empathy, two human acts not commonly associated with election months.

This Tuesday, November 8th, Americans will place their votes in the 58th quadrennial presidential election. As voters prepare to cast their ballot, Alano reminds us that each election's result is representative of the deeper societal zeitgeist. The film also reminds us that the election's affects cannot be limited to a four-year timeline.

It is hard work to progress but with every little step we make the world becomes a better place for the next generation. This election will be a defining moment in our nation so remember - it’s your heart, your vote.

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Andrew Faulk is an American photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. Though specializing in portrait photography, Andrew dabbles in all things photography. He is a husband, father, and lover of fried food.

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"...while liberal in tone, doesn’t promote any candidate in particular"
Maybe I'm cynical but that sounds like a load of BS.

In order to "vote for what is right," we have to establish what is right. Unfortunately, elections shouldn't be about right and wrong (which should be obvious) but the best way to get to what is right. Unless, and until, we can agree on what is right, you'll continually see more of the same conduct the video decries.

I will say, however, that I do agree with their assessment of some of the problems it describes.

When does politics ever cure a cancer, or hold the answer? When has a law ever solved the problem, or given life to the ones who can't chose one? Why did we give up and run because the answer is right under the sun? When did we choose to Hate and hold out political beliefs as a soul mate, because in the end we are all on the same ship, and if we choose to love then we've already won, and something something something go vote.

"...and something something something go vote." :-)

We’re clinging to the pie-in-the-sky political promises just to feel a lil’ bit more confident in our tomorrow. As the same politicians clinging to the same promises after election, after all it quickly becomes obviously unrealistic. Who’s really thinking that some of the “leaders” have more understanding of people needs?? It’s like when you have enough money, you can get any Doctorate (Huffingtonpost says* see the link below) or any job – even become a President (see Opensecrets statistics** link below)? So..the black&white photos are the best what we can really get of all of that castles-in-the-sky...

* http://www.huffingtonpost.com/shannon-ullman/dissertation-writing-serv_1...
** https://www.opensecrets.org/overview/