Stunning Stop Motion Film Is Out of This World With Handmade Cosmos

Lately, I've found myself watching lots of stop motion films. It's something I've always wanted to try (I've tried very simple things thanks to Vine), but never really dove into. Now, after watching "Infinitude," my head is spinning at the possibilities of what you can create with stop motion. 

If you have ever tried stop motion, you know it takes a lot of time to get it perfect; as such, Filmmaker Scott Portingale took two years filming and compositing his film. The images and especially sound made me think of Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" (if you haven't watched that movie, and I mean really watched it, do it tonight!). The coolest part about this film is that everything you are seeing is a real prop. I've never been to space, but I'm pretty sure it must look like this. 

Sound is so very important in film, and it's often overlooked. But very special attention was given in "Infinitude" with the help of Sound Designer Aaron Macri. If you're not familiar with film or sound design, you might never know, but the "music" in the film is actually foley (everyday sounds), like noises made with their mouths, children's toys, and other instruments. Probably the coolest sound trick they used was actually from NASA's public sound archive! 

The sound of Saturn is actually the magnetic radio frequency Saturn emits from its aurorae. NASA has compressed the data (both pitch and time) into the range of human hearing, and we included a bit of the track as the auditory backdrop when Saturn makes its appearance. 

Check out this behind the scenes video to really see just how much work went into the making of "Infinitude." Also be sure to check out Portingale's site for more behind the scenes images and the rest of his work. 

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Amazing stuff!!! Congrats!

Mind blown! Actually way more so after watching the BTS video. Incredible stuff.