[Behind The Scenes] Fashion Photographer Melissa Rodwell's Kurv Magazine Shoot

Fashion photographer Melissa Rodwell has become a good friend of ours over the years. The New York based photographer lives and breathes fashion photography, and as you can see with her images it really shows. The self proclaimed "photographer who does not own a digital camera" teamed up with Kurv magazine to produce some very exotic fashion images. As with most fashion images, the retouching is pretty important with interesting blue color shifts and even a tilt shift lens vignette effect but the biggest thing I took from her video was how important it is to go all out with your sets and overall production.

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Mike Thacker's picture

Girls with Nikons are cool! It looks like she was using then 85 1.4 D on that shoot.

KGB's picture

I'm so tired of seeing assistants handing photographers cameras.
A dead relic of the film shoot days when they were helpful, but now with digital, it's just pure ego.

Brian Boing Photo's picture

 I love having an assistant...it helps me stay focused on the client/model if I dont have to worry about the gear

RUSS's picture

 :-) no no, they can still be helpful.  Think, they can load fresh media cards, new batteries, different lenses etc. Photographer gets to stay focused on the shooting aspect once everything has started...

Patrick Hall's picture

I completely agree....when you can have an assistant setup your camera and place your lights in the general area you need them, it allows you to really build a connection with your subject and notice the fine details.  If the biggest photographers in the world have assistants who do most of the heavy lifting then I think it's safe to say there is a reason for it...and it's not all just ego :) 

Blogspot Mastery's picture

They're gorgeous!

For those that are interested, Roversi shot a similar "white story" theme for Vogue Italia in April 2010

Mokhi's picture

is she using a LED light to light her subject face?!
there's a light panel at camera right... just wondering..

I use an assistant and believe me when I say they are a valuable asset to have, mine handles lighting and camera as well as watch the screen on a tethered shoot to let me know if everything is ok. This way I keep shooting.

Nice video