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Christopher Lynch Shoots The Satellite Nation

Before Fstoppers.com launched I was in NYC at a scuba store preparing for my trip to Belize. I was talking to the store owner about underwater photography and Christopher Lynch walked up and joined in the conversation. Chris explained that he was a professional commercial shooter and after some great advice he gave me his card and went on his way. I went to his website later that night and found some fantastic behind the scenes footage. I have a hard time setting up shoots in small towns, he does it on the streets of Manhattan.

View more of Chris' work at www.instilledimages.com

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Alessandro Bellino's picture

That's a great idea became reality with a lot of work.
Very Impressive.

Mister Lynch's picture

Hey Ale
Thanks for the comment, yes it was a fun project to develop and make a reality. It takes a team of many people who believe in the crazy ideas that come out. So group support is key. I also like to share the behind the scenes to many of our projects so people see what we do and how we do it, so thanks to Lee and Patrick for getting it out to more folks to view. Always here if you have any questions
Mister Lynch