Mark Lebryk Turns To Tanning Beds For His Contest Entry

Mark Lebryk decided to try something a bit different for his BTS contest entry and we are glad he did! Mark worked together with his client Ultrasun USA to show what goes into shooting product photos for a website. In a nutshell, Mark takes over 100 photographs of each tanning bed, retouches each one, and then renders them into an interactive 360 degree web presentation. Check out Mark's video and be sure to head over to Ultrasun USA to view the final products online.

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James's picture

Really cool insight to shooting such a large product. Also the method used for the 360 was great. Final images 10/10

Marc's picture

Thanks James! Glad you found it informative!

IPBrian's picture

This is very cool...I have always wondered how the 360 shots were put together, of course most real estate sites probably don't spend 20 days retouching a listings images.

Marc's picture

Thanks Brian! Real Estate 360s are done a lot differently than this. Those images are merged together with software to make 1 image. There is a lot less editing required for that as photoshop will do it in anywhere from a few minutes to an hour depending on the computer you have. Glad I should show you something new!

Jason Nunez's picture

Awesome submission!

Luca's picture

Very well explained!
Cool final images!

Edward's picture

I believe this man wins biggest lightbox award.
Awesome video.

Von Wong's picture

Amazing post ...wish the music wasnt so loud and distracting though