Matt Hawthorne shoots fashion in a haunted hotel

I was sent this video by a reader, and I thought the images looked really nice and the location was very cool. Then I got in touch with the photographer Matt Hawthorne and found out about the history of the Baker Hotel: the place is considered the most haunted building in all of Texas! This is what Matt has to say about the experience:

"I recently had the incredible opportunity of shooting a fashion spread inside the famous Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells. We were super lucky to get to do this spread because the hotel pretty much has turned down everyone that has approached them including Texas Monthly and the Discovery Channel. The Baker Hotel was opened in 1929 and closed in 1972. People like JFK, Judy Garland, Clark Gable and many others stayed there as it was one of the most luxurious and alluring hotels in the country. After changes in culture and because of it's location, the hotel was closed and left alone for 35 years. The condemned building is known as the most haunted building in Texas, and it was definitely the creepiest place i've ever ventured.

Since there was no power through the building we used profoto 7b power packs, I think we had 3 packs each with 3 extra batteries. The building's windows were mainly broken out and towards the top floors the cold wind blew pretty intensely through the building, hints me hooded with my windbreaker, and thanks to Alex our great model for dealing with the cold. You can't tell but it was windy and freezing in there. Even though we only had several hours of access to the hotel to work with, we had an amazing time exploring and shooting the spread. The video was shot with a Canon 5D Mark ll and edited in iMovie. Music by Phoenix."

Matt's whole portfolio is really amazing if you are looking for some inspiration. Check out more of Matt Hawthorne's work at

Matt Hawthorne Photography Baker Hotel Mineral Wells Fashion Photo Shoot from Matt Hawthorne on Vimeo.

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A little texas. I have seen this hotel a couple of times. I wanted to go in but never did.