Street Photography From A New Perspective

Street Photography From A New Perspective

Shooting street photography is always a great way to find some interesting subjects. Not only do you usually achieve a compelling image but you tend to hear some enthralling stories as well. Jesse Rogers went out and shot these in such a way that gives you a sense of optimism for these characters. I know we've all seen B&W's of homeless people and yes they are engaging and frequently depressing, but Jesse series seem to tell the whole story and not just the somber side. Check out his website to view more of his work.
I was able to talk to Jesse a little bit about the project and about his passion for photography.

What gave you the idea for shooting this series?

Jesse Rogers
I think it mostly developed out of my inability to ignore someone who's trying to talk to me. After being stopped by a few homeless men in Downtown Seattle and realizing how interesting their lives are, I thought, "I should grab a strobe and photograph some of these guys."

How do most of your conversations normally go, and do you ever have anyone that gives you the cold shoulder?

Jesse Rogers
I usually talk with them for a bit, prior to when I shoot with them. I like to chat, make jokes, hear their story, then come back another day with my gear. They're usually pretty comfortable with me at that point, so they don't mind me taking their photo. I always find a way to return their images if I can - usually by giving them a print. There's been two or three guys who wanted nothing to do with the camera, but for the most part, they're pretty cool with it.

What do you find most rewarding when shooting these portraits?

Jesse Rogers
So many things. First and foremost, the look on their faces when they see the print. A lot of these men are constantly ignored and dismissed as "crazy" by everyone around them. Having tangible proof of their existence, like a print, to hold onto is huge to these guys. I've made some good friends in a couple of them.Also, it's a great change of pace from the commercial work I do to pay my rent. It's nice to shoot with people who are so stoked on the pictures you took, rather than asking that you photoshop out this blemish or that flyaway hair. I love what I do for a living, but without my personal work, I'd go crazy.

What inspired you to get into photography?

Jesse Rogers
In high school, I got really into video work because of this guy, Mitchell Davis. I bought a video camera, and found myself taking more stills than video. So I sold it, bought a DSLR, and started figuring out how to use it. Since then, not much has changed.

What/Who inspires you now?

Jesse Rogers
I'm surrounded by inspirational people, which is awesome. I'm part of a group of photographers called "Brotographers," and that's always a great source of inspiration. But if I had to name some, I'd say F. Scott Schafer, Joey L, and Christian J. Sweet. Those guys put out consistently awesome work, over and over again.

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Thomas Ingersoll is a internationally published photographer. He is an expert with strobes but loves to use natural light as well. Thomas has a very clean and polished look to his work. Being very well rounded with fashion, fitness, portraits, and action sports, he is always up to conquer any challenge.

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reminds me of dicorcia

super nice pics

Reminds me of JoeyL's style, properly the light.

backlight with a fill-light, it's pretty basic .. Think Joey's homeless people tell more of a story, all though some of these are pretty good!

Comparing someone directly to Joey L is just not fair really, Joey is on a level that very few photogs are on, plus he's traveling the world to get those shots. Jesse is a very good photographer and deserves respect. Also FYI its not always about how technical something is but whether or not you just go out and shoot it.

Joey L is for sure not a bad inspiration to have. I think he's one of the most talanted young portrait/commercial photographers the last 10 years.

My Boy Jesse Killn' it

Wonderful images. Makes me want to shoot color street photos. 

That Sax is fucking awesome!!!! 

just people positive attention is a gift all us photographers can worthwile..well done


These are portraits, Street Photography is something else altogether and working with small strobes on the street is far, far, far from 'New'. Just a little bit of research before writing would have revealed both these facts in 10 mins.

And don't get me started on choosing the homeless as a subject ;-)