Andrew Zuckerman Shows How To Photograph WISDOM

While watching Carson Daly the other night I was exposed to a really exciting photographer named Andrew Zuckerman. On the show he was promoting his newest project MUSIC which I'll probably post here later in the month. But while researching his other works I came across an older project he did called Wisdom. These last few projects Andrew has taken on have involved shooting people (or animals) on pure white backgrounds while simultaneously interviewing them for a documentary. It's pretty brilliant to have both the single frame and the interview for both formats and what Andrew gets his subjects to reveal is really worth its weight in gold. Check out a little behind the scenes video on how he made Wisdom and check out the final hardcopy book here.

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Very awesome!

Love that sound of the hassie (?) shutter.

I started watching this for the technical aspects of the shoot, and now I really want to see this piece. Always interested in the views of the been there done that group. thanks for sharing guys! loving it!

This is incredible! It's so much more creative and intriguing to be hearing about the conceptual aesthetic process that goes into a themed series - like about using the standardized background - then to just here him list off pointless technical details about which light he was using and how to pack 17 suitcases and blah blah blah. please keep posting this type of video where we learn about the SOUL of photography, not just the superficial data.

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Ah great BTSV! Interesting on a photography and human level.

I was just looking at Andrew's book Creature ABC yesterday with my family and went to his website to find out more about him. I didn't see this awesome video so thanks for posting.

Had the book for 12 months now and that video has just added so much enjoyment to the still images. I visit your site most days. Credit were that is due. Steve

Wow. A lot of interesting things going on there from the people interviewed to dissecting his lighting. Looks like 2 backlights, one overhead softbox, one beauty dish below, black flags on each side.. set up was awesome.

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