The Sexiest Way To Build A Cyclorama Wall For Your Photo Studio

If you have a large studio or perhaps even a small studio space in your home, chances are you have asked the question, "how in the world am I going to build a cyclorama wall?" Last year we shared with you a video on how to make a cyclorama wall done by Sam Robles. Well it seems Sam isn't the only photographer handy with a few carpentry tools. Check out this, ahem, inspiring video by the good people over at EyeHandy which outlines each and every step needed to make a solid and sturdy cyc wall for your studio or in this case dining room. I love one youtuber's comment, "after a while i stopped being aroused and started being amazed!" Happy summer time tool project!

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'Sa Jamil Hogan's picture

I'm sorry what were we making again??

Shop class never looked so good.

Jaron Schneider's picture

Don't get me wrong, she was pretty amazing to watch, but after all that I really wish I could see more of what she built. One receding shot wasn't all the informative. 

Patrick Hall's picture

what's not to see Jaron?  It's just a wall with curved edges

Andreas Feustel's picture

Did she build something?? ;-))

Nick Shek's picture

Power tools, semi-naked lady, slutty narrative and decent crack filling. How are you supposed to learn anything from this?! A 6* rating is needed :D

Kenn Tam's picture

Aaaaaaaaannnnnd there goes the last 2 female readers we had at Fstoppers.
Thanks a lot Patrick.
I'm going to have to post about kittens and unicorns for a month straight just to try and draw them back. :)

Patrick Hall's picture

You never know, our female demographic might decide to one up the EyeHandy crowd :)

kenn is right.. if it wasn't for reese, fstoppers would be a sausage party

Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Awesome! The cyclorama was cool too. :) 

All kidding aside, that was a well laid out tutorial on how to build a cyclorama. 

Daniel Bird's picture

What's the reason for raising the floor of the ground?

David Lee's picture

i agree.  i was confused about that as well

Can we please learn everything like this..."hmmm i just seemed to forget how to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop...."

Just found the person who will be building my studio.....

I shoot the promos for Playboy UK... gives me some cool ideas to raise with Creatives there!

Andreas Feustel's picture

Oh, this is definitely my favorite episode of "Home Improvement" and honestly, I didn't miss Tim and Al at all!

Thank you for showing!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Reminds me of George Lucas's reminder for THX that 50% of the experience is aural... here, the voice was equally compelling as the visuals.

Michael Battenberg's picture

I sure hope those were steel toed pumps she was wearing... gotta practice safe sets after all!

It's good to see she was using eye protection with the mitre saw to.

She didn't move a hair or even get dirty. I just can't believe it ! Amazing !
Where can I contact this tradesperson ?

Very smart to keep male attracted... to the wall of course ;-)

MARK P's picture

actually this was much easier to follow then Sam Robles video


Does anyone know where i can find some information, and some provider names to build a CYC wall in switzerland ? i'm working on something here and am not ready to dish out 15'000$ + tax + transport + pose from a US company :) thanks.