A Fun,Truly Wearable Action Camera?

Action cameras are all the rage these days. As cell phones get better, more weather-resistant cameras, some may say that they're past their prime and on the way out. However, Insta360, the makers of the Insta360 One X 360 degree camera, has released a new camera: the Insta360 Go. 

Coming to you from Potato Jet, this hands-on review showcases this new product, showing off its ease of use and its limitations. I especially love the wearability of the camera. You don't need any special harnesses or straps as the camera has a magnetic back that attaches to you via a wearable backing plate. This makes putting on and removing the camera a breeze! Finally, you can keep a camera in your pocket, throw it on, press a button, and be on your way to stabilized, decent quality video. No muss, no fuss! The magnetic attachment makes me nervous, though, as I can totally see myself losing the camera within the first 20 minutes of having it and not even knowing it's gone!

Granted, the camera isn't without its limitations. Low-light performance is lacking, there's a maximum clip-length of 30 seconds, and a magnet has never been the most secure way of attaching a $200 piece of equipment. That said, if you're in the market for an action cam that's super portable and wearable without the need for an underlying infrastructure of straps, handles, and attachments, the Insta360 Go could be right up your alley. Check it out!

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Hans Rosemond has been known to fall down a lot on set. Thank goodness for the wireless revolution, else Hans might have to learn to photograph in a full body cast. His subjects thank him for not falling down on them.
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That's a nifty little device.

Low Light is difficult due to the inexpensive sensor. A better sensor, the more this would cost. I suspect an Omnivision sensor, but not one of their better sensors.

I have to question the judgement of a company that seriously printed “Insta360 GO | Designed by Insta360” right on the product. That’s some real self-confidence issues :)

Matthew Teetshorn

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Conceptually it's cool, but, never Gen.1. Wait for Gen.2. Better sensor,, low light performance, longer recording, etc.

They already have quite a few different products (I think eight) so they most likely already 'ironed' all the faults.