One Tip for More Engaging Travel Photography

Travel photography is a popular but exceptionally difficult genre of photography. In this video, Mitchell Kanashkevich covers one of his favorite tips to really engage your viewer with your travel photography. 

Travel photography is an undoubtedly broad genre that covers everything from architecture to the lifestyles of those in remote areas. Regardless of the subject matter, though, the purpose of travel photography is to hook a viewer and enchant them with the place you're showing. It can be difficult to translate the feeling of being in the moment where you are, and many travel photographs fall short, however, not for the reasons you might think. 

While running tours with Pics of Asia in central Vietnam, I've found that people concentrate very heavily on their compositions, light, aperture, and all the other photographic considerations in front of them while forgetting to concentrate on the scene. It's easy to get caught up in all the things you've been taught and forget to feel the moment you're in. Too many travel photographs convey what was happening and not how it felt. 

This video describes a technique Kanashkevich calls "getting on eye level with the action" to improve the way your photographs feel. Head over and check it out to see what he means. 

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