Travel Photographer Explains the Use of Layers in Composition

There are many ways to approach composition in photography and filmmaking. One of the most powerful ways to add storytelling into your images is to compose using layers. In this video, travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich discusses the concept while taking us through several examples from his own work.

Over my years working as a photographer, this is a concept that has always been rattling around in my head. However, it is still something that, even to this day, I need to call to mind when I approach making images. Asking myself questions about the story I'm trying to tell and what other foreground or background elements I could use to further than story is still something I do every day. If you're not looking at your images this way, this is certainly a technique that can help you add an extra dimension to your work. 

In this video, Kanashkevich explores different ways to add layers to your images and how to combine this technique with visual weight to direct your viewer to the subject, but also encourage them to explore. He readily admits that sometimes, there are happy accidents, and you don't always notice the layers as you're composing, but they become more evident as you're looking at the images later on. There's something for everyone in this video, so I certainly recommend taking a few moments out of your day to brush up or learn about these techniques for the first time. 

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Jerry Norman's picture

Very well done. After watching this I going to try to be more intentional in composing with layers.

Cesar A Mendez Garcia's picture

Even though many of us photographers know about composition, the way is explained and the photos that he uses are great which makes it a very cool educative video.

Kevin Harding's picture

I'm already subscribed to Mitchell Kanashkevich's channel and it is a goldmine of great travel tips and info.