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Improve Creativity and Test Yourself by Shooting in Water

Have you ever thought that you need to shoot more for yourself but have no idea where to start? Photographer Pierre T. Lambert will save you time on this and offers a fun exercise that every photographer should try at least once in their lifetime: shoot underwater!

As photographers, we at times can become accustomed to shooting what comes natural to us and stick with it. But, in order to grow, we need to push ourselves and jump in the deep end (pun intended) at times. It helps us learn more about things we enjoy doing, things we are capable of creating and it also takes our mind away from business and refocuses onto simply having fun with photography.

Lambert, who's an avid travel photographer himself, presents in his latest video advice on how to shoot underwater, starting from choosing your gear, how to protect it and to the settings he prefers to use in these kinds of situations. There are different options for everyone, whether you want to go all out and purchase professional equipment to start your underwater photography journey or perhaps you simply want to give it a go by spending as little as possible to see how you find it first.

You don't necessarily have to be blessed with white sand beaches and tropical weather on your doorstep to jump into shooting underwater. What about using a swimming pool, local lake or river? Depending on where you're located, there'll definitely be something that you can use, so don't feel like you have to travel abroad to try this for the first time.

If you do want to feast your eyes on breathtaking underwater shots captured across the globe, Lambert's Instagram page is full of images that give you that wanderlust feeling. 

Images used with the permission of Pierre T. Lambert.

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Anete Lusina is a photographer based in West Yorkshire, UK. You'll either find her shooting weddings, documentary, or street photography across the U.K. and Europe, or perhaps doing the occasional conceptual shoot.

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