Michael Muller Photographs Speedo

I guess this has become Speedo Week on Fstoppers! I recently discovered the photography of Michael Muller and must have spent a good hour on his website checking out all sorts of amazing photography! He has recently been working with Speedo for their summer catalog, and the production that goes into these shoots is insane. Click the post for a second video showcasing some BTS material from this shoot and be sure to check out Michael's website for all sorts of inspiring photography.

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c.d.embrey's picture

Lots of interesting info about how an undershoot is done. But remember that the strobes were specially modified to use underwater, you can't use what you have unmodified.

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah Embrey, I am trying to figure out an easy way to use our existing gear underwater without having to invest in a bunch of underwater gear especially if you don't shooting underwater enough to warrant buying everything. I have a few ideas but I still need to flesh them out. It looks like some of these guys are strobing above water facing down. Does anyone know if light actually penetrates the surface of water enough to make that useful?

Har Rai K.'s picture

Very interesting. Anyone know how the lights were modified? Electrocuting a pool full of Olympians would have been unfortunate. I have a waterhousing that I use for shooting surface sports , but no way to wire to lights. Anyone have experience trying to use pocket wizards underwater? I have heard you have to use an on-camera flash and optical slaves if you go the wireless route. What about using a dive light with makeshift modifiers as a hot light?

-Har Rai