How to Set Up Sony Cameras for Great Looking Slow Motion Video

Slow motion is one of the most common and powerful techniques in videography, but it has a few elements to it that can be tricky to get right without some prior knowledge. In this video, get a brilliant beginner's tutorial on how to get your Sony camera setup for slow motion footage.

One of my all-time favorite YouTube channels is The Slow Mo Guys. There's something entrancing about seeing the world at a completely different speed to what we're used to. Perhaps slow motion ought to have been an entry in my article about why and how photography hooked me. While you won't be able to shoot thousands of frames per second with any ordinary camera, you can still create some interesting shots with a Sony camera.

This video is an excellent demonstration of how to get high-quality slow motion footage out of your Sony camera, explaining what settings you need to use, and more importantly, why. While there aren't that many settings that dictate the look and quality of your footage with regards to speed, getting one of them wrong will ruin the effect. For example, using the wrong frame rate will cause some unwanted results.

One tip I'd like to add is that you shouldn't rule out shooting in 1080p at 240 fps just because it isn't 4K. Not only can 1080p footage be scaled up very well, but the doubling of your fps from 120 to 240 fps means that if you are shooting something that moves very quickly, your footage will look significantly better.

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