'15 Seconds' Shows Us That The World is Cooler In Slow Motion

In a latest video by Vongspoth and John Burcham, we're shown a total of 15 seconds at a local county fair, shown to us in 2 minutes and 10 seconds of beautiful footage. Using a Sony NEX-FS700, Vongspoth and John looked to create a video that "would capture all the magic and fun a child experiences." What they left us with, is an incredibly mesmerizing video.

While footage like this can be hard to find since HD high speed cameras like the NEX-FS700U will run you $7,500, one can only hope that speeds like this will someday be affordable and available in our DSLRs, Point & Shoots and even Cell Phones in the coming years. Until then, we've at least got videos like this to daydream with.

Be sure to check out some other work: johnburcham.com and vongspoth.com

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Zach Sutton is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and headshot photographer based out of Los Angeles, CA. His work highlights environmental portraiture, blending landscapes and scenes with portrait photography. Zach writes for various publications on the topic of photography and retouching.

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Great Stuff! I just got my FS700 last week and managed to grab some footage this past Labor Day weekend.. so much fun shooting with this thing!!! http://vimeo.com/73677644

Yes, ok cameras can do great slow motion. Get over it. This was so boring. Do something more creative than just filming normal life and then slowing it down. This isn't mesmerising, this is so dull.

man... you life must be dull....
my condolences to you and your life sir.

Oh sweet so you actually enjoyed watching 15seconds of average looking footage stretched out for 2 minutes? Tell me which bit was your favourite? I liked the bit where the ring bounced! The suspense nearly killed me!

And you say my life is dull? You're life is obviously too exciting and frantic for you to think of anything remotely relevant or interesting relating to the discussion? Or did your brain melt from the absolutely fascinating footage of someone on a swing?

Come on guys, there are so many incredible uses of the FS700 and this is what you post? Gimme a break!

i did in fact love the footage. I like seeing an everyday video being manipulated to what we consider art visuals. I did in fact enjoy seeing how something as simple as a person on a swing can look so smooth, and so peaceful, and so artistic.
i stand uncorrected. your life is dull.
my favorite part by the way, was the slow motion part.

I'm with Roger, your a douche. I suppose you hate minimalistic photography too, do you? It's called art, get a life

Paul, I actually can appreciate any form imagery, if the execution is intelligent, original and thought provoking no matter what medium it uses. I suggest you pick up The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher to help you appreciate original ideas. And when you're done give the videographer a shot. Then he can give it to Roger after.

Paul, anyone who pipes up with "it's called art, get a life" is clearly incredibly dense. You're trying so hard to appear insightful, deep and "artistic" by randomly choosing something completely off topic like "minimal photography" yet you show your true monotone personality by resorting to something incredibly petty like referring to me as a "douche". If only your vocabulary was as bright and splendid as your apparent love for art then we'd all be awash a audible rainbow that we'd wish would wash over our eyes every morning of every day.

Sorry for veering off topic...

Roger did you not like when it was sped up?


I wasn't bored. What bores me more are people who assume that because they feel a certain way about something everyone else should feel the same way. Also people who stifle creativity in others with unsolicited negativity. Also those who continually demand bigger and better to satisfy their entertainment addictions. Zzzz.

Hi Brian. You're being a bit hypocritical by first telling me your opinion and then saying how bored you are of "people who assume that because they feel a certain way about something everyone else should feel the same way". You then go on to criticise me, directly or otherwise, for expecting better from people - people being the videographer but mainly, in my opinion, FStoppers for posting sub standard content.

You're being hypocritical by saying how boring the video is, then boring me. Now we're even.

Great video. It is oddly mesmerizing