3 Tricks For Your Impossibly Small Film Crew

I know many of you out there think that a massive team and a giant budget is necessary to produce a quality video but most of the time that simply is not the case. I was just sent a link to a quick video about filming with an incredibly small film crew and these guys give 3 fantastic tips for the average person trying to get into video production.

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Embedding a Vimeo video school video as a YouTube link?

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Haha, first thing I said.

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Yeah, this is unacceptable. Sources should be checked better, this YouTube link is a video stolen and re-upped from Vimeo.

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woops, I didn't realize that. I'll swap it.

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The ones to blame are the youtube thieves. They steal videos, monetize them and make profit. Thanks for making the correction!

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Now, this is a perfect example of how pure creativity can achieve great things, even if the mass media wants to make you think that you can only do it if you spend thousands or millions of dollars.

Same phenomena, when I went to India for 50 days from less money than the average tourist spends on a one-week holiday, and probably had more amazing experiences than any of those tourists will ever have in their life.

Or you can make a pinhole camera from a garbage can, and make photos like these:

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Fun clip!

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I can't watch the video here :(

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I love it! :D

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the smartphone audio trick is awesome!

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Great little vid! And for anyone else interested in video production, this book is an absolute must before you ever hit the REC button: http://www.amazon.com/Cinematography-Theory-Practice-Cinematographers-Di...

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This is so awesome!! Love it!

- Joe

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lmao funny!!!!