4 Days In Depth Look With The Sony NEX-FS700

I know that I've posted other reviews about the FS700, but with this camera being a less expensive alternative to other high frame rate camera, the more reviews I see the more excited I get about it. Andrew Young from Archipelago Films was also able to get his hands on a pre-production copy of the Sony NEX-FS700 for four days.

Taking footage of mostly his family and some amazing footage of Puerto Rico's beaches, Andrew goes over most of the features including his likes and dislikes, how versatile the camera is with different lens mounts, how easy it is to operate and the different frame rates. He also demonstrates how well it works with auto-focus pull on the Sony Alpha lenses.

One of his biggest points in the review is how lightweight the camera is. It can easily be manned alone with a simple pack of lenses and a light tripod. This is especially useful for fast-paced productions or filming in areas with rough terrain. While I myself am not a videographer (yet), this makes me extremely interested in finally making the jump into video.

Check out Philip Bloom's review of the Sony NEX-FS700 here: Philip Bloom Reviews the Sony NEX-FS700

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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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"Am I going to overuse this feature? Absolutely"

My thoughts exactly. Can't wait

Sony AVCHD vs Canon MPEG vs price saving of FS700 over C300/C500?

Are you asking if the camera being much cheaper is worth the trade in codec quality vs the C300? I would say it is going to depend on your usage and how much post/grading you need to do. This has the slow motion, which the cannon lacks. Also, this will eventually have uncompressed out and at 4k rez which you would have to go to the C500 to get... and who knows when that will come out (and it will cost 5-10x as much). 

please post day 3 , haha

Great job on this video by Andrew.  I kind of felt as though I was watching a Warren Miller flick, but for a product launch.  Too funny.  

Great video!  Those of us with kids appreciate pros who test on their kids.

Am with you 100% regarding the viewfinder placement Andrew.Placing the camera at eye level on a tripod is fine if our necks were half the length of a giraffe's.Having a EVF eng style was the best idea.
I use to shoot weddings and other long events on Super VHS and Betacams and could record hours
shoulder mounted with no fatigue. These were the best designed cameras (the camera fits the operator/ergonomics).Today I'm using shoulder rigs with add ons and external's everywhere with wires hanging and connecting things that should be all one unit.

Yesterday I shot a 25th wedding anniversary with a long mass before.I shot this with my HVX 200
a 8 inch monitor with a heavy battery (HVX LCD's are hopeless) a matt box,follow focus,shoulder rig
shot gun mic,led light.What can I say my backs killing me today.

I am a fan of CRT viewfinders you can really judge focus.LCD's just don't cut it.Todays technology could produce a HD CRT viewfinder that would be so sweet.

Anyway nice upload Andrew I like seeing happy families I have 3 kid's.The eldest my daughter Haili
is doing film production/photography at university.(following daddy).
We also work on indie films,music videos etc and have a camera and grip hire business.So I was glad to see a real world shooting situation (scenery,sunlight,out doors,kids playing)
Your example is one of 2 that's helped me decide to buy this camera.

Fingers crossed that the 4K add on isen't going to be to costly.

Cheers Rick Idak