How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals

7 Easy Fun & Funky Photography Tips

Director Matthew Rycroft continues to knock out fun and informative videos for the Cooperative of Photography. The COOPH's latest offering, shot with the help of photographers Anastasia Ehlakova & Julia Gebhardt, demonstrates some simple photo techniques. Levitation, free lensing, light stenciling, instant collages, colored lights, broken mirrors and hula hoops. Give them a try.

#1 Levitation

#2 Freelensing

#3 Light Stenciling

#4 Polaroid Collage

#5 Broken Mirror

#6 Colored Lights

#7 Hula Hoop

Join the Cooperative of Photography:

Director: Matthew Rycroft
Photographers: Anastasia Ehlakova ( & Julia Gebhardt 
Cinematography & Editing: Stefan Sietzen ( & Jon Williams (
Models: Anfisa P. ( & Mirjam Klebel 
Shoot consultant: Leo Rosas (

"Funky Party":

via [COOPH]

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