Albert Watson Tells The Stories Behind His Most Iconic Images

For the second episode of his show called Capture, Mark Seliger sits down with the great Albert Watson to discuss his most memorable images. He tells the stories of how he photographed Alfred Hitchcock, Christy Turlington, a Las Vegas dominatrix, and Mick Jagger as a leopard. Lauren Bush Lauren also chimes in about her work for the nonprofit organization FEED, which allows her the opportunity to photograph children in Africa.

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Thank you FStoppers.

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Albert had some great stories, but somehow this feels like three people in a room bragging about their photography and waiting for their turn to speak.

Oops posted this twice. My apologies...

Mark is a great photographer as is Albert Watson. The model chick is fluff and does not deserve to share the stage with these two. Same with the last episode with Dylan McDermott. I like Dylan as an actor but he's a face with a camera people recognize so they stick him on the cover to promote the show. I'd love to see Mark stay with interviewing real photographers who have worked in the trenches of the profession. I cringe when I see "photographers" take a trip to Africa or a 3rd world nation and then show grainy black and white photos as if they've alerted the world to a new plight...

Not keen on the format of talking to two different people - splits it up to much.