[App] Shooting Raw With Your iPhone: 645PRO App

The 645 PRO app is designed with photographers in mind. With cell phones being used more and more for taking pictures, it's no wonder that this app is coming out for the iPhone. Aside from shooting raw, it has plenty of features that will grab your interest. 

Although it is not out yet, it will be available in the App store soon without a date set just yet. The video depicts some of the beneficial features this app has. Below, is a full list of the specifications.

The most important feature that grabbed me right away was being able to shoot raw. There is one downside to it, it's not 'true raw'.

As seen in the article here:

 “Some are a lot more “cooked” than others, with top-end DSLRs (typically) having much “rawer” data (and therefore more options to manipulate that data) than compact or point-and-shoot cameras. Some of these smaller cameras do a substantial amount of in-camera processing before adding the really-not-quite-as-RAW-as-you-might-have-hoped data to the RAW file.

However, these files are still useful, even if one of their core purposes (applying all adjustments after the fact) no longer has real relevance. That’s because they RAW data they contain – even with adjustments applied – has had no JPEG compression applied nor any substantial manipulation of colors, brightness, contrast and so on. That makes it a much “cleaner” starting-point for any work you want to do with your image editing software.

And that’s the kind of RAW data that 645 PRO supplies. Its nothing like as “uncooked” as the image data in a top-end RAW file. But it has never been through a JPEG compression stage, and goes through no in-app processing at all. It consists of the straight pixel data and that’s all. It’s then wrapped up as a TIFF image (with non-lossy compression) and saved."

So although it's not 'true raw', it's closer to obtaining tiff files, which have a wider range of data present than the standard JPGs we get now.

Let's hope that this is just the start to what we could be seeing in the future with 'cell phone photography'.


Full specs:

645 PRO Specifications


Aperture-priority Program AE


Hardware-dependent, fixed:
f/2.4 on iPhone 4S
f/2.8 on iPhone 4


Auto. Standard Mode: 1/15 sec to <1/1000 sec
Night Mode: 1 sec to <1/1000 sec


Auto, lockable, manual POI support


Auto, lockable, center-weighted

Metering Modes

Spot or multi-zone, selectable


Auto, hardware-dependent:
64-800 on iPhone 4S
80-1000 on iPhone 4

Shutter/ISO readout



256-level, real-time

White balance

Auto, lockable

Shutter release button

1. temporary AE/AF lock
2. shutter release

Focal length

4.3mm on iPhone 4S
3.85mm on iPhone 4


2X digital


Manual control (on/off)

Self timer

Adjustable, 1-99 sec


Live Preview (shows Film Modes) or standard

Focusing screens

Cross-hairs, architectural grid, Rule of Thirds grid

Spirit level

Yes, in spot metering area-of-interest

Film Modes

3 B&W, 4 Color—true "film look"
(RAW output bypasses processing)

Image ratio

5 swappable backs, from 6x6 (1:1) to 6x17 (2.83:1)


2 swappable bodies: Classic & Rosso


High-quality JPEG (±1.0 MB)
Lossless JPEG (4.5–11.5 MB)
option to save dRAW data
* (5-8 MB TIFF w/lossless LZW compression)
JPEG saved to Camera Roll
TIFF saved to app directory (for iTunes File Sharing)

Image review

Camera Roll


Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail

User Manual

32-page PDF (in-camera PDF reader)

System Requirements

Optimized for

iPhone 4S

Compatible with

iPhone 4


5.0 or above

[Via 645Pro]


From Pratik:

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I feel like most of these things are gimmicks. "Developed Raw" means they take a Jpeg and make it a huge Tiff file. The only thing I want to see on my iphone is manual exposure, locking focus, and the one that seems impossible for app builders to create; manual white balance. 

And it seems like white balance would be easiest of those to make... although I know nothing of the intricacies of app building, so I'm talking out of my ass.

"And that’s the kind of RAW data that 645 PRO supplies. Its nothing like as “uncooked” as the image data in a top-end RAW file. But it has never been through a JPEG compression stage, and goes through no in-app processing at all. It consists of the straight pixel data and that’s all. It’s then wrapped up as a TIFF image (with non-lossy compression) and saved.”"

Sure it's not a true RAW file but it's not an uprezed JPEG either from what I understand. I'm guessing their logic is that sure they could give you the raw from the iPhone but what are you going to open it with?

I'm with you on manual white balance. Though it seems to be lockable, which is somewhat of a beginning.

 You should check out the camerapro app, it has a manual white balance. 

Anyone seen pictures taken with this?

i've searched and searched for a camera app with manual exposure, impossible to find....maybe it doesn't exist...even this one, everything says "auto, hardware dependent"....sure you can meter an area and lock exposure, but that's not really how i shoot...i can pretty much guess my exposure within a stop or so, so i shoot manual all the time...i'd like to on my iphone too...

Try SlowShutter.

I don't quite get it, is it going to have manual control? Will I be able to select which shutter speed and ISO I want?

no.....it says "aperture priority program AE", which i dunno if you can call it aperture priority when the aperture never changes...it's always 2.8 on the iphone 4 and 2.4 on the 4s...and under shutter and iso, both say auto....so no manual control....

What a sad video... 

am happy with camera+ given me a good bang for my buck...

Reminds me of the day Fstoppers did that video where I think Lee did a fashion shoot with an iPhone camera and he said "This doesn't even shoot RAW"

Haha :D

Just got the app and put it through it's paces. In short: it sucks. Apart from the extra data it apparently captures, the interface is just plain crappy. Give me Camera+ and Snapseed and I'm good.

It just is a good illustration, that Canon and Nikon should open their system to app developers... would be great to be able to install new apps on a 5DMII

 This app not working like should, sharing not working as well as preview