Apple Sued by a Photographer for Using Her Photo to Promote the Retina MacBook Pro

Apple Sued by a Photographer for Using Her Photo to Promote the Retina MacBook Pro

Sabine Liewald, of Switzerland, is suing Apple not over a patent, but over her image of the closeup of an eye that was used to promote the Retina MacBook Pro's screen during the unveiling of the product...

Originally, Apple had contacted Liewald's agent to ask to use the photo for "'layout purposes,'" but she then realized what Apple had really done...

Now, Liewald isn't just seeking payment for the use of the image in Apple's promotional material: she wants a piece of every Retina MacBook Pro that was ever sold, since it could be argued that the image helped the product sell more units than otherwise might have been sold. No matter the fraction, that's a ton of cash for one image. And this could be the largest photo settlement we've seen in...ever.

Via AppleInsider

This is a shot of the Liewald's image being used to promote the Retina MacBook Pro's display on the stage of the announcement.
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Oh well, here we go again...

After having stolen the clock design from the Swiss railway and "mondaine" for the iPhone 5, they are doing it to a swiss photographer for the retina display. It really looks like we have good stuff in our country, and Apple felt they were entitled to just "help themselves"... we're such a small country, nobody would notice.

Apple's attitude just sucks... bunch of cheapo's.

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I bought mine because of that photo. Its what sold me. That image was stunning. . . that was the only reason why I bought that computer was due to that photo, nothing else. It was worth the extra $1,000 to view that photo in that resolution. :)

I hope see wins or apple settles they have a lot of money.. they can pay her.

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When i saw this post. I remembered this video.. ^_^

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well... it is a nice picture

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Now, imagine if someone did something similar to apple? Imagine the consequences...

Apple sucks balls. No arguing about it.

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Apple did as Apple does, it used its massive cash horde to stop people being privy to something they needed to ship.

I know it's a shitty end around, but that's what keeps Apple ahead of a lot of other tech companies. I'm sure they're well able to more than compensate the photographer for their work, time and now they've got the word out there that Apple uses their photos, I'm sure they'll be in for something good from it.

Hell, I'm sure I'd LOVE to be in that position.

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I'm pretty sure that Apple isn't stupid, and i'm sure the contract that was sent to the agent for use of the photo, probably included advertising use.  I personally hope Apple wins.

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???? But Apple is perfect. They don't make mistakes. They should just drop of the face of the earth and stop making any type of products for you not to use. They spend all their energy forcing people to buy things they don't need. They are a mindless brainwashing company.

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Forcing? Just because they make some of the best products in the world leaving people no other decent alternative... they aren't forcing anyone.

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I guess me being facetious doesn't translate well on a blog. Just proving a point you can't please everyone all the time. Just some of the times. Haters will always hate.

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 Are you a hater?  Why use sarcasm?

If you wish people to take you more seriously, it would help if you act more seriously.

Anyway, if there was no contract between the artist and Apple, Apple should pay her the usage fees.

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best products in the world?????? Clearly you have NOOOOOO idea how to use a real computer!!!

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I have NO problem with buying other hardware/computers NOT made/put together by's the fact that every Microsoft OS has been nothing but it brings down the appeal of buying your own hardware, and build your machine to spec....Sure, you can build a hackintosh, and get around supporting the company, but they're never that get it working jussssst right and then go and upgrade your ram and *POOF* thing wont even whole issue is with Windows, not with other PC makers/hardware companies...Mac's just work when you want em to....and (imho) they just run better....

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 Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it possible to us Mac's OS on a non-Mac computer?

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sure you can, hence his reference to a hackintosh.

Everyone also seems to forget the other big payer in Operating Systems and its many different flavours and specialised builds.

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I have never once had an issue with my PC that all you Mac fanboys claim there are 

Yes older OS from windows kinda lacked luster but for god sake's how many years ago was that?? Give up that argument already, Win 7-8 are amazing 
Mac's are good computers yes, but they are WAY over priced for what they are...And personally the OS sucks, talk about being confined to a box 

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And heres proof.

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Hahahaha!! Totally unbiased opinions around here :)

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btw: I'd like to point out that NO ONE here has any idea what Apple did here. We have one side of the story. Another article mentioned that Apple "procured the photo from the agency Factory Downtown.", which lists Sabine as one of the photographers. 

Jump the gun all you like.. but we have no idea what the hell the agreement is. 

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WOW. this exact thing happened to me recently with a major company.

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What goes around comes around 

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I wish it were my photo. Talk about a retirement settlement! I'd take $1 per macbook pro....

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Apple is losing more and more credit with me. Seriously. They're pissing me off more-and-more. 

iPod Shuffle and we'll call if even.