Is Apple's New Final Cut Pro X Really This Bad?

With Apple's Final Cut Pro X just starting to hit the streets, stories about how unusable the video editing software has become are popping up everywhere. Recently even Conan O'brien took a stab at the software editing program when his production team created this funny skit showing some of the new features found in FCPX. Here at Fstoppers we still use PCs and Adobe Premiere but I can imagine how frustrated I would be if Adobe changed many of the UI we have come to love and master. That being said I've heard Final Cut Pro X has some great features; maybe all these negative reviews are just coming from editors not willing to update. What do you guys think? Will you be purchasing the next version of Final Cut Pro?

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I bought Final Cut Pro X the day it came out...yes im really upset that i can't import my projects from fcp7, or that alot of the features that i was accustomed to were either hidden or just not there. But lets be honest everyone asked for these features. They didn't just make it out of no where. They took advice from users and this is still version one. They will slowly but surely update according to all these bad reviews. It is apple people there is now way they will allow all these people to tarnish their name without doing something. That being said i am still scared of how poorly received this update was and I am considering getting avid or premiere. I have come accustomed to using after effects anyways for my affects, it would be the logical next step if apple doesn't step in and take care of their consumers. 

I'm yet to read a good review of FCP X :(

Wow. It looks like they "un pro'd" it.

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QuickTime X was lame too - They are removing all the Pro out of Apple Computing and the Pros are the ones who have been using Apple the longest. 

imovie on steroids ! 

I like it because it's easier and i don't edit much videos , but i really think premiere is better for proffessional work

is great for HDSLR workflow, even more if you use aperture

We at Fstoppers, still use PCs. And THAT is why I like you guys. I could have a mac pro, but it doesn't get the ladies like an Alienware M11x r2 laptop with hot pink keyboard and accent lights. EVERY TIME I open it up, women go nuts. NOT EVEN LYING.  Then they say they have never seen a laptop like that. I laugh, adjust my tie, and tell them.........IT'S A PC. Then they say they gotta get one. They also happen to be saying this while looking back down at their Mac.

Did I mention it makes me look way more pro and high tech than I really am?

Oh and its FAST.....REAL FAST.

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Ha I don't know that I've gotten a single lady from my computer ever!  But yes I agree, I enjoy updating my system whenever I want as soon as the new hardware hits and also being able to tweak everything I want without having to jailbreak or install programs that makes my computer act like a PC.  

You're fucking dumb. You say you use PCs. Yet Mac Pros are PCs too. Same with Macbooks and any laptop you can think of. Dipshit. You're not worthy of owning either piece.

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I think FCPX is great. They really improved on iMovie. 

Seriously though, I think it is becoming more and more obvious that Apple is shifting towards the consumer market. Probably a lot more profitable, will help them get market share, and it doesn't require the same level of development and support as a pro product. 

Adobe on the other hand, can't be more impressed with how rapidly and fully they are supporting professionals. 

i'm gonna wait until the new operating system comes out next month before i get this.  i need to update my os anyway in order to run this, so i might as well wait till the new one comes out.  maybe by then they'll have some kinks ironed out.  i'm in no hurry, as the old version does everything i need it to.

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There are so many missing features in FCPX that alienated so many groups. Loss of multi camera destroyed any gains into the broadcast market, lack of XML makes it worthless for an editor who works with other programs, lack of import from FC7 screwed everyone because it's not in fact an upgrade--nothing you've already edited can be brought in. 

I'll still with Premiere.

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video was pulled guess i was too late

The video is no more available...:-(

PC FTW. Good job FS! #killthegestapo

No credit for sending this in? :(

I've only watched the demo but my first reaction was "this looks like iMovie on steroids" not a FC update. For years editors have told me Final Cut was positioned as an Avid killer, just from a cost standpoint. Unfortunately I've never heard of the program gaining much popularity outside of the individual/freelance editor- just everyone working in a decent sized post-house is sticking with Avid. I guess Apple is moving in a new direction.

I gotta admit that this video makes it look dreadful.   I can't say from first hand experience, but I do know of someone else who has upgraded, and he loves it.   Maybe they're trying to aim it more at the growing market of HDDSLR owners wanting to make short movies, music videos and stuff?

Knowing apple once it's all blown over, they'll announce Final Cut Broadcast...   With all the features of FCPX but with support for multiple cameras etc....   They can make more money that way (I use apple, but they're a business and they're pretty good at figuring out ways to get hold of more money...)

Yeah I am upset also. I was trying to import REDCODE footage and you can't. You have to either capture it from the camera or export it into something FCP can read but whats the use of REDCODE then?

i wonder if anyone has told Steve Jobs yet? 

Apple knows that sometimes the best way to move forward is to start again.  This is not the first time they have pissed everyone off with radical important changes.  FCP7 was dated software on new technology (pros would admit that). A year or two down the line when everyone's gotten over themselves and the software matures praises will be sung.  You all still have FCP7 so use it until X matures into the product you want. Or lose your job to the next bunch of creative teens who will undoubtedly produce masterpieces with this hobbled software.

This is not new behaviour from Apple, It's just what they do.

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What a great way to alienate your customers in the hopes to get new ones. I'm glad I kept my copy of Premiere; screw this.

I just downloaded the free trial to cut a music video, and there are no time guides making musicality IMPOSSIBLE.  It's a piece of sh*t.

I have tried to get into fcpx four times and each time end up losing the will to live. Apple it's terrible, please work on fcp8 and make it pro for us professional out there